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Hi i am taking the girls camping next week got a bargain today and saw the tent i wanted half price so snapped it up lol bit worried Leah will escape the tent as shes good at escaping things lol but im sure it will be ok my brother is also camping there at the same time and my parents are in a caravan at the same site so will be able to cook in the caravan so that takes some pressure off as its just me taking them as oh is working away. fingers crossed it all goes well it is my only chance to give the girls a holiday as its my only week off oh couldnt get time off if we didnt do it we wouldnt be having a holiday.All i hope is the girls have a great time will be going for 3 or 4 nights not decided yet see how the weather is lol
So anyone else going away?anywhere nice? we are going to billing aquadrome.


  • Ooh, sounds like fun! We were talking about going camping but it will be next year now before we go by which time I rather hope to be pregnant again, so not sure I'll be up for sleeping in a sleeping bag. :lol:

    We are off to London for a wedding next week, then I have quite a lot of my family coming to stay. The week after that my mother and I are going to Scarborough for three days and then the three of us (Peter, my husband and I) are going to a cottage in Snowdonia for a week. So lots of little holidays to celebrate the completion of two projects and get ready for the new academic year. Although I imagine all I will want to do when we get back from Wales is sleep!image
  • ooh camping, i love it! i first slept in a tent when i was 3 months old! and we hope to take hollie to the campsite i grew up on in wem, shropshire at the end of the summer for a weekend. camping (scouts) is where i ment the husband!

    we've already had our 'holiday' this year as it was our honeymoon and graham has had to take 2 weeks off work to look after hollie whilst i am recovering from the op so not realy got the time to go away for a week like we had hoped

    hope you have fun xx
  • I love camping too, can't wait to take Max when he's older.

    We've booked a cottage in morfa nefyn for the first week of September, I'm so looking forward to it although a little anxious about how it'll affect Max's sleep-he's doing 11 hours solid now with is nothing short of a miracle so I daren't disrupt it!

    Snowdonia is my neck of the woods THG (well it used to be before we moved to Shropshire), if you want any ideas for places to visit just let me know .

    Happy holidays everyone!x
  • Thanks, p.bob. I've sent you a message on Facebook. And well done, Max! Peter has been back on nap strike (half an hour today) but he has just acquired three teeth in one day, so I can actually sympathise, poor sweet.
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