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What things do you do through the week?

Just wondered what things everyone gets up to now we have our babies and they are a few months old.

On a Monday we usually go to my friends house for the day, she has a little girl who's 2 and a 9 month old little boy.
On a Tuesday we have a busy day as we go to a 'new mums' exercise class, which is mainly yoga type stuff with lots of pelvic floor exercises included then a bit of very easy aerobics and circuit training. There are some childcare students in the hall with us who entertain/feed/hold your baby if you want them to. Then at the end its 30mins of baby massage. Its all free too! image Then we come home for an hour for lunch then out again to post natal group......its our last one next week though! image
On a Wednesday we have a stay at home day, we usually nip out to the shops and get some groceries for an hour in the afternoon for a little walk and the fresh air! My mum comes round about 3pm to see us to!
On a Thursday its baby clinic 1pm-3pm so we nip in there to see how much Millie weighs and chat to the other mummies there or see the health visitor if I need to ask anything!
On a Friday my hubby usually finishes early so I dont make plans so we can spend time together.

How does everyone elses weeks go now were not at work?? I dont think I have time to go back to work now! image


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  • We are quite busy too.

    Monday we have aquanatal class, after which I take Peter swimming.
    Tuesday is our local mum and baby group. We go for a walk and then have sandwiches at a local pub.
    Wednesday is weigh and stay and I usually walk over and back (although I got a lift today because of the weather).
    Thursday is 'first year of life' - basically play and stay for very young babies. The hv's clinic is after that if I have any health questions.
    Friday my antenatal class meets up for lunch or coffee, although it is also the day my husband works from home so Peter has some time with Daddy while Mum runs errands or has a nap.

    At some point I have to start working again (I work from home) but heaven only knows when!
  • I love maternity leave, I've never had such a busy social life!!
    Monday is mums and tots
    Tuesday is usually coffee, cake and natter at a friends house
    Wednesday is baby clinic - Usually go every other week
    Thursday is music class
    Friday - Try and keep free for shopping, houseowrk etc
    Saturday we go swimming with dad
    We also try and go for a walk every day, usually with friends from the village we live in and see grandparents some evenings
    My OH thinks maternity leave should be remained as coffee and chatting with mates!!
    I don't know how I ever found the time to go to work before!!!
  • I still dont have anything regular! But as Ollie was prem I have stayed away from groups etc mainly because he used to sleep alot. Now he is awake more I want to start going, just need to find some!

    Tuesday seems to be the day for groups as our local library runs a music session in the morning and the local pool has a ante/postnatal exercise class, I made it once a few days before I went into early labour so really want to start again just worried incase Ollie kicks off at the side of the pool and I have to see to him all dripping wet!!

    There is a baby session at the pool on a Monday but Hubby wants to take Ollie swimming 1st so will try one weekend before we start to go.

    I try to have one day a week at home for housework etc, but this week have been at home everyday due to the weather.

    Next week I am busy meeting a couple of girls from here on Monday, my best friend and her baby (we were due 4days apart but with me 6wks early and her 2wks late, there are 9wks between the babies!) on Tuesday, housework day weds, meeting another friend and her 3yr old and new baby on Thurs and a girl from work on Friday!

    So I think what im trying to say is each week is different!
  • Just re-read my post and would like to confirm I do aerobics on a Monday not earobics!!! lol I imagine aerobics with your ears would be very difficult!! hehe My spelling is atrocious lately for some reason Im forever having to edit my posts as Im too lazy to proof read them first!!

    THG - Is there a creche for Peter whilst you do aqua? Wish there was something like that at our leisure centre, as the only class I know of is on 20.15-21.00 and by the time I get home its getting to 22.00 and Im just too tired nowadays to be out at that time of night!! lol Also the 'play and stay' thing sounds good, the only groups like that round here are for toddlers not babies so when I've been I felt a bit silly as Millie couldnt join in properly and the other mums didnt really talk to me, luckily I went with a girl from my antenatal classes so I had someone to talk to, but we've not been back since!

    Dont know about other areas but where I live everything seems suitable for Millie and I is all on, on a Tuesday. There is a thing called 'bounce and rhyme thats on at the library that I think Im going to start going to once my post natal classes finish next week!!

    Glad to see were all keeping busy!! I really enjoy getting out and about and think I'll definately do it sooner when we have no.2! If I can!! hehe


  • Hee hee, MGMummy! I love the idea of exercise for your ears! :lol:

    There is a creche at the leisure centre but they can only go in from six months. The babies (there are usually at least two each class) sit in their car seats on the side. Generally they just chatter to each other or go to sleep as it is quite warm. If they start fussing one of the life guards rocks or entertains them or the mum jumps out of the pool and rocks them. Not perfect, but it generally works and I am so grateful for the exercise.

    We are really lucky with the number of things going on in the area. I don't have any family near and I am the first of my friends locally to have children so it has been fabulous having so many places to meet up with other new mums. I am making lots of friends and so is Peter.

    I know what you mean about Tuesdays, though. There is Rhyme Time at our local library on Tuesday mornings but it coincides with Peter's morning nap at the moment and, as we are out for most of the afternoon, I don't want him to miss that. I think I will probably start taking him at 6 months or so as the mum and baby group will change then when people start going back to work. Plus he should be able to sit up and participate a bit more.
  • God my week sounds really boring compared to yuo busy bees!

    I dont take Max to any baby groups yet-im going to start when he's around 6 months so he gets used to it before starting nursery.

    I do 'pushy mothers' class on a wednesday, mummy's do excercise in the park with lo's in the buggyies. I go to a friends on a Friday, have MIL over one day, go see my mum another day and that's about it really. My hubbie works 3am-lunchtime so we get to spend the days with him.

    Oh, i also walk to the library once a week as Max loves his books-they do a rhyme time every week but im not going to it yet as Max is always asleep! x
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