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can you tell the difference between cries?

Im just starting to notice the difference. I hate not knowing what's wrong-makes me feel like a really crap mummy but im finally starting to understand what Max wants-his in pain cry is really obvious now and you can tell when he's naggy and wants to sleep although i often get in a muddle and try to feed him instead which really riles him!xx


  • I can tell most of time. hungry and in pain (trapped win etc) are the clearest with us
  • Austin is 12 weeks now and i still can't tell. makes pme feel awful like i'm not paying enough attention but i really can't hear a particular cry at the moment, they all seem a bit muddled. OH reckons he's now figured iout his hungry cry but i just can't tell the difference, i mostly only know what he wants by what time of day it is, ie if he's due a feed or if he hasn't had a sleep for a good while. maybe i need to llisten a bit better

  • I can tell tired and bored. I sort of know hungry, but like siany, I tend to base his feeds on the time of day (or rather how long it has been since he last fed and slept). He also has a red-faced shriek that I have yet to find an explanation for. I think it may be just because he doesn't know what else to do. It usually goes away with cuddling, but it scares the wits out of me!
  • Daisy doesn't really cry (!), more of a cat like wail!!! Bless her, she really is a complete angel..

    However, I do know the difference between her 'I'm tired Mummy, help me go to sleep' whimper and her all out 'Feed me now' wail. Other than that, the only noise coming from my daughter is gurgles and coo's!!!!!

    C xx
  • So, about that baby swap Mrs!xx
  • LOL! I'm the luckiest mummy in the world, I think!!!

    Just you wait, all of your babies will grow up to be angels, and when Daisy hits one, she will start to become a nightmare and continue until she's 18!!!! Apparently, she takes after me in many respects and this was what I was like!!!!!!!! I've got it all to come.... xxx
  • I can tell now! taken a while but I think I am there now!x
  • I'm not great at it but also tend to go by how long she's been awake, last been fed etc. I also feel fairly lucky that Nina's not big on crying. Unlike Daisy-Mae, she does cry but it tends to be before bed when she's getting tired and I try to put her down. I still don't know what all my toddlers cries mean, although he can generally tell me now at least! x
  • Amelia only cries when she's hungry or tired and there's a big difference between the 2. Its also easy to tell by what time it is!!
    She also does a very good impression of a cat being strangled when she gets out the bath - Never really understood why she does this
  • Ha yeah i can tell, bella either cries for food lol and she goes nuts like, or pain and she sounds like shes in pain and wont lie down. other than that she doesnt cry much x
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