Happy mothers day

happy mother's day ladies,

hope u all have a thoroughly enjoyable day with ur lo's, u all deserve it, ur fab mummies with gorgeous children! well done!

have a great day and hope u all get the pampering u deserve xx


  • Happy mothers day everyone! image xxx
  • Yeah Happy Mothers day everyone, have a fab day xxx
  • Happy mothers day everyone....once again im going thru a "this time last year" day lol lol

  • it's weird doing 'this time last year' for me, cos obv last year mothers day was next sunday (the 21st, but last ry it was 22nd...if that makes any sense)...so on this day last year i was one 39+6 and doing anything and everything to get austin going, but then on mother's day last yr, it was the day after austin was born and i was in hospital in the morning and transferring to the birth centre in the afternoon, i wasn't particulalry with it, i remember my sister came to see me and OH bought me some flowers but other than that was just a barrage of feeding and sleeping lol....so techinically this is my second mother's day, but its also my first proper one lol xx
  • Hope everyone had a good mothers day and got spoiltimage
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