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Hands up who's totally obsessed!

I just can't get enough of him!! I could just sit and stare for hours on end-i think he's the most amazing thing ever and i can't actually believe i made him!!

Im so obsessed, i even love his poo! Im breast feeding so i feel like every one is a major achievement-i even get hubbie to save the nappies when he does a change so that i can have a peek at the results of my hard work! God, im weird!

Im going to be the most annoying person in the world, one of those people who constantly raves about their child! It's all i can think about!!


  • Hi, yes so obsessed with my little girl, she's soo gorgeous. And I know what you mean about the poo, breastfed baby poo is scrumptious!

    I think this site is great as we can get all the baby talk off your chest and spare boring the hell out of our poor friends.x
  • aww thats so still waiting, due this month

    cant wait to join this forum, will be nice to see if im just as 'obsessed'!

    its getting really quiet in 'due in march 09'. come and visit us wannabe's sometime!


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