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Oh god.she is such an interfering old bitch!!!!! I really have come to the end of my tether with her, she wynds me up so much that i feel like smacking her and i hate feeling like this. Help!!!!

She never leaves me alone, always moans that Abi has cold hands and feet (as babies do) and when she pops in un-announced 5 times a day every day she just picks Abi up weather she is sleeping or not, she has an opinion on everything and i god damp hate it, i wish she would just bog off. Does anyone know how i can tell her to back off without blowing my top coz at the moment im on the verge of MURDER and im on the verge of tears. Cant believe she makes me this upset and angry, its just not me. My other half keeps saying not to worrry but he doesnt see what she is like ....... the thing that p'd me off today was she picked Abi up and said, "come and see mummy" ofcourse i corrected her AGAIN, she does this the whole time too, im starting to think that she is trying to wynd me up on purpose.
I love night time coz i know she wont come along after 7pm unless she see's i have visitors then she comes up to be the nosey cow that she is.. (yeh i stay close to her unfortunately) If ive been out shes on the fone as soon as im back asking where ive been etc, I dont know what to do, i cant stand it much longer!!!! I cant wait til we immigrate. At least then she cant turn up when ever she feels like it.

Sorry for the rant ladies, feel abit better after moaning.xx

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  • What a horrible and tricky situation for you - My mil is irrating but for the opposite reason - Doesn't pay any attention to lo and calls her 'baby' or 'little child' all the time - I don't think she likes her name. I've told her she is missing out as she's made no effort to get to know her grand daughter but then when I do see her has the cheek to tell me whats wrong with her!! I'm the sort of person who says it as it is and tell her what I think (after discussing with oh so not to cause friction between us).
    I don't really know what to say to help you but didn't want to r&r. Is there any way you can tell her how crap she makes you feel? Will oh have a word with her?
    Sorry no more practical advice
  • I know how you feel I have this problem with my nan she Is a nightmere! She really dislikes my 8 week old boy she calls him fat whenever she sees him and tells my 3 year old his brother is fat! Then has the nerve to tell me what to do with him. She is always on the phone asking what were doing and checking what I'm doing it's so annoying and she is only his great nan! My oh hates her with a passion she Is so rude to him it's embarassing to listen to her go on like she does but we never pull her up on it as we want to keep the peace! She Is obsessed with my 3 year old and thinks she has a right to do what she likes with him. But she had no time for the new baby just says nasty things about him all the time the poor little man

    God we do have to put up with leap don't we girls!

    Danielle&charlie x x
  • When she walks in the house can you say to her straight away "please dont pick Abi up she's sleeping". As for the mummy bit, perhaps you can refer to her as "old Mummy" see if she gets the message then ??
    I'm lucky my mil is nice but my fil is goddamn awful but thankfully they live 300 miles away !
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