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how often do you weigh your little ones?

just wondering as am not sure whats best, when hv came was evert few weeks, is this the same or best to do it every week? xxx


  • when my twins were born and got discharged from the hospital they were weighed twice a week then it moved to once a week,not its every month

  • I just got Riley weighed today but the last time he was weighed was about 4 weeks ago. I'll probably get him weighed in another 4 weeks, I'm not too bothered about getting him done every week as I can see he's putting on weight fine.
  • This will be the first week I haven't had Peter weighed since he was born. I haven't really needed to but there is something called 'weigh and stay' which has been really good for getting me out of the house and socialising so I have gone regularly. It is run by the most fantastic woman who has been incredibly helpful and supportive with all my problems with breast feeding, nappy rash, broken nights etc. I only missed this week because I was out to lunch and will be going back from next week.

    While I don't need to have it done, it has really helped me stick with breast feeding because I could see Peter was gaining weight even if I didn't always know how much milk he was getting. But every mum, like every baby, is different.
  • I go every week, mainly for reassurance she's gaining weight well and it gets us out of the house!

  • Probably once a month at the moment. I think you should just do what ever you feel comfortable with.
  • i get Austin weighed every week, max of 2 weeks, more for my own piece of mind really as i do worry a lot that i might not be producing enough milk. i tend t go down to the baby drop in clinic thing if i'm not seeing my health visitor for a few weeks.

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