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Just wondering what and how you ladies are playing with your los these days.

I am struggling a bit, especially on days like today when we don't have anything in particular planned. Peter is very wriggly and doesn't tend to sit still for stories and the like for long. He still knocks over towers if I build them, and throws a ball back to me, but he doesn't have the longest attention span. He does seem quite happy playing by himself (he is currently playing with his activity table) especially if he can make lots of noise while doing it. I have tried painting with him and colouring with crayons. He also had lots of fun playing with the water in the bucket while I was cleaning the kitchen walls earlier.

I just worry that I am not offering him enough different experiences in his play at the moment, or enough interaction with me. We don't have any outside space for him to play in, although we do go to the local swings occasionally and swimming once a week, as well as a walk in the stroller every day. I'm just not sure what else I can do and would love some inspiration.



  • I think you're doing everything right! In fact I feel a bit guilty that I don't do as much with Zach! I read somewhere that building towers and knocking them down, and rolling a ball, are all good for development!

    We've started playing hide and seek, he actually starts running now as soon as I say 'ready....', we also race each other round the flat, and as it was his birthday recently we've been playing a lot with balloons!

    I think so long as a baby has fresh air every day (unless they're ill!) and has some form of stilumation during the day, all is good!

    Does your LO go to nursery at all? Zach goes twice a week and they do lots of things with them, water play, painting, singing, etc. but also encourage own-playing, where they are encouraged to play on their own! The playing with other kids is also very good for them, learning to share etc! Zach comes homes absolutely shattered both days, and I have noticed an improvement in his development, he's actually quite enjoys drawing which I had never thought he would even understand!

    I know that TV is supposed to bad for kids, but there are some really good programmes now (Waybuloos, in the night garden etc.) which are developed with child experts to help educate children! I let Zach have half an hour in the morning and the same in the evening! Not sure whether everyone would agree with this though!

    Don't worry, I think you're doing a fab job! At least you care enough to question whether you are doing enough! Some parents let their kids do whatever they want, or watch tv all day!
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