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Just wondered how we're all feeling about our post preggie bodies.

The weights dropped off me, only about half a stone to go although im eating like a pig so i think it's down to the bfing, im still in my maternity jeans though-im so sick of them!!

My tummy is like a big old wobbly jelly and my boobs are just awful!! They're so ugly-veins and stretch marks all over, i can't stand to look at them in the mirror. They've also gone up 3 sizes so non of my tops fit nicely.

I don't know what's going on in the downstairs depatment. The stitches have finally healed but weve not got up to any monkey business yet so im abit anxious as to how thigs are, im trying to do my pelvic floors!

All worth it, i know!!lol!xx


  • I'm actually really surprised at how slim I look post pregnancy. I don't know whether it's just because I've been used to seeing a big belly when I look in the mirror! I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans as soon as I got out of hospital!

    I never got that big when I was pg though and didn't put any more than a stone on (I would probz have put on more if I'd have gone full term but I was 5 weeks early). I haven't weighed myself since though but I'm sure I weigh less now than before I got pg.

    My tummy is a little bit flabbier than before, will start on the sit ups in a few weeks! My boobs are horrible though! They went massive when my milk came in but now they've shrunk back down and they're covered in veins and stretch marks. OH says they're fine and you can't see them when looking but I can!

    As for my stitches I've never really had a proper look at them myself but they feel like they're healing ok. Its only been 2 and a half weeks but I'm dying to get upto some monkey business with OH. Seems strange to feel horny again after 9 months of so not wanting any!

    Oh yes and the pelvic floors I try and remember to do them!

    I agree though it's definitely worth it!
  • Well to be honest I look the same as I did before I fell pg. I'm lucky in that i didnt get that big and got no stretch marks, and was back in my normal clothes immidiatly. My belly feels a bit looser and my nice teeny tiny belly button is no more but with clothes on those bits are well hidden. I still cant wait for my 6 week check to clear me to go back to martial arts, i really miss beating people up !
  • Well my belly is horrible and wobbly covered in big fat stretch marks, but the weight seems to be dropping off at the mo, defo think its the bf. I've got about half a stone to get back to my pre pg weight. Boobs arent too bad, bit bigger at the mo cos of feeding but not that many stretch marks. I'm back in all of my jeans now, but have got an unattractive overhang in a few pairs of my skinny jeans. So need to get doing my sit ups!!
    Was raelly good with my pelvic floors for few wks after Laila was born, but am useless now- just keep forgetting!!
    Have to say have done the naughty- and wasnt as bad as i thought. I had 3rd degree tear so was really worried about how it would feel, for me and oh?? Have only done it once, we were both very tense and he was really scared was gonna hurt me. so looking forward to having another go and being more relaxed- but just dif trying to find the time with a newborn and a toddler!!
  • well i anow depressed lol i weighed myself at the weekend and am the heavest i have ever been!! after my 4th baby i was back in y jeans straight away but this time i still have 2 and 1/2 stone to lose!!! and i was really good vduring this pregnancy eating healthy etc ruby is 5 weeks now roll on monday when i have my 6 week check and can get back to doing excercise to try and lose this weight, maybe it would not bother me if i was with he dad but being on my own is playing on my mind a bi but never mind i would not be with out her and she was worth all the stess of the last year every time she smiles up at you

  • Hmm. I haven't actually weighed myself since Peter was born but I am feeling reasonably good about my body. My tummy is a bit wobbly and I definitely need to lose some weight there, but I think I have lost weight off my bum to compensate. So I'm not quite back in my pre-pregnancy jeans but I don't think that it will be impossible that I will get there.

    The breast feeding is definitely helping, but I am not really regulating what I eat in terms of allowing myself treats, so I am not losing as quickly as I could, I suspect. I am hoping to get into more of an exercise regime starting next week, which should help.

    The only think I really don't like is the sensation of my breasts pushing under my arms now because they are so big. Very uncomfortable. :\(
  • hiya.

    i'm still in maternity jeans but its more for comfort on the c section scar. i weigh a lot less now that i did before pregnant but think its cos baby was taking everything i ate when pregnant - i should be careful i don't put it all back on now.
    really annoyed that i've got v bad stretch marks on my flabby tum now but didn't have any at all when i was pregnant - dunno how that works!

    i'm not doing anything more energetic than walking - too soon for me!!

  • I put on 1 stone during pregnancy but have now lost over 1.5 stone which I guess is down to breastfeeding cos I certainly eat whatever I want!!!

    I still have a flabby tummy though which just looks disgusting, but I find exercising sooo boring especially toning exercises so god knows how long it will take me to tone up. Oh and I have a circle of stretchmarks which look horrible around my belly button which can now go alongside celulite in the things I most hate about my figure!!!

    On the plus side, my maternity clothes are huge, but on the downside I think I may have accidently chucked my favourite pre-pregnancy jeans......oh well good excuse for a shopping trip when I eventually get some energy back!!!!!

    Good luck to everyone trying to loose weight/tone up! Maybe we should start a thread with good exercise, diet tips, healthy lunch snacks (deffo need help with this, I just grab a bag of crisps and choc bar for lunch!) etc so we can all encourage each other to get our figures back?

  • I put on just over 2st in pregnancy, I weighed myself when Isla was 2 weeks old and I was back to my pre pregnancy weight def the bf as Im eating like a pig too!
    I have the same prob as pixiebob with my boobs Im normally a C cup but Im an E at the min so all my tops sit funny!My tummy does not look nice at all, I still have my line and my belly button looks bruised :\? I have some stretch marks but theyre skin coloured, my tummy is all wobbly so not loving it at the min!

    Fran and Isla, 3 weeks and 5 days x
  • marnb- hehe, dont actually know how we managed to find time- hence its only happened once. Think it was on a good day when both were in bed fairly ealry and we had a early night!! LOL
    Rach- defo a good idea about helping with excercise tips and healthy eating. Cos i'm terrible during the day and often go either without eating or just eat crap cos its easier!!
    goodluck to us all trying to shed the weight and tone up those flabby bellys.
  • Well I have lost two stone since giving birth 9 days ago, nearly back at my pre preg weight, but my stomach is saggy, flabby, and covered in big fat red stretch marks, dont think I will ever be able to wear anything showing my stomach again image

  • I am getting there.I am back in some of my jeans but I have over hang which is horrid. My posture is also terrible which does not help the stomach. My boobs are all veiny and streched but I guess they are only seen by my DH!. Not had the courage for any naughty business. Third degree tear and its still uncomfortable. Well done you PB!! I think I have had a period as well which was really strange to deal with that again. Once my 6 week check is done I will start getting active and walking further etc. All takes time I guess xx
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