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So glad I found you guys again!

For some reason my computer hasn't been showing this forum for the past few weeks. Not sure why but I'm so glad I've found you guys again. :\)

I hope everyone is doing well. Peter was six weeks yesterday - I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone! We have our six week doctor's appointment on Thursday. He is a bonny baby - 10lb. 12oz. last time he was weighted and getting bigger by the day. It helps that we have finally cracked the breast feeding malarky, despite mastitis and cracked nipples on my part!

We're still working on the sleeping thing - he was awake all day yesterday and then slept almost all day today, but we are getting there, slowly. I can't imagine a time when he wasn't part of our lives. It is so much better now, even if we are both exhausted!

Anyway, as I say, I hope everyone is doing well. I look forward to posting properly now that I have found this forum. :\)


  • I know what you mean this forum gets lost on my computer too and has been in with the born in 07 forums for a bit now...very odd!

    Glad you've found us now though! image

  • Hi, I was wondering where you had got to! Pleased to hear Peter is doing well and the breastfeeding is going well..apart from your poor nipples! Nina was also a 9 pounder and she has just been weighed today at 5.3kg (haven't checked what it it in pounds yet). x
  • Oh, wow, missy. Nina sounds like a healthy girl! Peter just weighed in at 5.3 (it is 11lb. 11oz., by the way). He is 58cm with a 38cm head circumference, so in the 75th centile for height and weight and 50th for his head. I'm thrilled! Now we just need to get him to sleep. :\S:

    It is lovely to be back with you all. Hope everyone is having a more peaceful evening than we are, though...
  • Im so happy that everyone is popping up here again, i know we've got no time at all to be on here anymore but it's lovely to have a q=quick catch up now and again.

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