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Urban angels modelling agency

I was wondering if anybody had any experience with this modelling agency as they have offered my son a booking but I'm not sure whether I should be paying any fees.
Anybody with any other agencies? Did you pay a joining fee and how much work have you ever had for your little ones?


  • Hi,
    THey are a really good agency, with very low start up fees. Normally UA have a really long signing on procedure but they are a great agency for most people (no agency can guarentee to give you work). We are with Kids London.
    Try looking here: You will get loads of advice on baby modelling and there are lots of mums on there wiht UA.

    Ally x
  • hello
    I can only comment on the experience that I have had with this agency and it was not good.
    My daughter was invited along for a newfaces appointment and when we arrived they hardly greeted us at all but just told me to put her in the "hair and make-up" chair. As you can imagine, she is only two, the long trip had coincided with her sleep time (they would not offer me another time) and to be plonked straight into a chair to "get on with it" as they put it actually made me really angry.
    However it didn't end there, because there wasn't even a 5 minute settling in time, my daughter was a bit apprehensive about having her photo taken (it was all new to her) and so they told me to "move her along" so that they could get on with the next child.
    Another lady there said that my daughter could have one more try and so to take a seat. We did sit down and waited but I overheard the owner Alysia Lewis saying to her colleague "what are they still doing here?" in a tone which was made to make us feel unwelcome.
    Anyway, we did go back up for more photos and whilst they were being taken, Alysia and the photographer spent all the time bickering and arguing with each other!!!! So unprofessional.
    The icing on the cake came when she stroked my daughters hair and said "she's not quite ready yet" - this made me feel physically sick.
    They are unprofessional and should surely realise the temperaments of 2 year olds - they do have ups and downs.
    Please, I hope this helps other parents if they are looking into modelling for their children - there are lots of good agencies out there but my advice unfortunately is to steer clear of this one.:\(
  • That's awful! I looked on their website but didn't get a good feeling so really glad I didn't go any further.

    I'm looking into joining with BizzyKidz, anyone had any experience with them?
  • Thanks for your help, they sound like a terrible agency if they are treating you like that zillab - your poor daughter! They do need to be a little more understanding during the toddler years I think.
    I also just looked at their website and compared to other agencies, they don't seem as good.
    I'm going to have another look around for other agencies which are hopefully a bit more professional.
  • I'm sorry UA didnt sign your little girl Zillab and honestly feel sorry to hear about your experience, I'd be equally upset under the same circumstances. However I have to say this sounds absolutely nothing like the Alysia I've met on several occasions and dealt with on behalf of my son for the past year. I've always found her and all at UA to be utterly professional in all areas. I'm sure comments about your little girl not being ready must have sounded rather harsh as a parent, but tbf you were invited for an assessment.
    UA in my experience are a fab agency, helpful, friendly and above all professional. They are very selective, low fee agency, yet very successful which shows they aim to make their money through commision on jobs secured - that doesnt mean all children are guaranteed work but then no agency can do that. They've a great client list and are really respected within the industry making them, along with KL and BB one of the best agencys in London.
    For those of you still looking, along with the above there are several more reputable agencys that do get work but it's worth remembering that ultimately it boils down to what the clients want.
    Cas BK are a reputable agency with a great one off fee .. however it appears they have an extremely high acceptance rate so loads on their books.
    For anyone interested UASouth books are presently open for applications for a few more days so def worth a go - good luck all xx
  • Lovely to have some new members to the march forum-please introduce yourselves, how are your 8month olds doing ? If you haven't got babies born in march then please don't bring your advertising here, Thankyou .
  • Nice one PB!
  • LOL pixiebob!!!

    I do think they must think we're stupid though!! Yes, we've had babies, but we haven't lost our brains..

    C xx
  • go pB, u tell em! i swear ppl think that having babies makes us stupid and naiveb grrr at the silly sales ppl! x
  • I have to be honest, I think it is unlikely that she was actually advertising Urban angels, they are one of the top three child modelling agencies in the country and they wouldn't need to have someone advertising their business like that. They are also the agency with whom you win a contract for the baby of the year for the Baby show. And what she said about Bizzykids was true. I think she may have been a genuine poster.
  • but the post from tess c is very very suss, first post happens to be on a thread about UA and she happens to know that they're looking for clents and saying how they are so fanatstic, seems to me like all a bit of a set up, one comes on asking the other says how good they are xx
  • The first post seems genuine but zillab and tessc are definately suspect-so random to create an account just for one reply and to dig a thread back up from august. I just don't like people pretending to be mums-gives me the creeps.
  • oh wow, didn't veen realise this was from august, bloody hell, definately suspicious then
  • I do agree that the fact that she has 1 post and it is to a thread that has been inactive for so long is a bit odd, and and a consequence I can totally see why you guys would suspect she is a troll. Nevertheless, everything she says is actually true (although I have no direct experience of the UA staff, they have a reputation for being very nice).. And she answered, again very honestly, a question about another agency. That UA's books are open is known by a lot of people with a child model, even if they don't have a child with that agency (like me) because they open their books for about five days twice a year only and are such a good agency.

    So even though it is a bit odd that she bothered to reply, I don't see anything suspect with what she said (because it is a very informed post). As a consequence, I do think it is likely that she isn't a troll, and does have a child who is represented by UA, and perhaps replied just because she hand an interest in the world of baby modelling. x

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  • Yes it's like Angel Management/Angel Models.

    Expect to pay £300/600 for the portfolio if you don't have one already. 

    Then you will have a profile where ou can upload some photos.

    Model Agencies will then contact you if they are interested.

    Good Luck image


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