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Yeah!! We have our gorgeous babies!!

Hi to everyone with a lovely March baby.

I gave birth to Evie Grace at 6:15 on 1st March weighing in at 8lb 10oz. Seems like it was ages ago now, can see her changing already. She was due on 17th Feb but kept me waiting.....was well worth the wait.

Probably sounds daft but I can't stop looking at her, don't think it's really sunk in yet.

Am trying to breast feed, but she can be on the boobies for 2hrs but still be hungry and need a top-up feed straight after. Is anyone else having probs with BFing? Feel kinda guilty that I'm obviously not producing enough. That or she's just a greedy little madam.

Good luck with al your new bubs

Sed xxx


  • congrats hun. hope to be able to start topic on here v soon!

  • congratulations, due tomorro so looking forward to posting in this group. i'm soo jealous of all those whose are already march mummys.
  • Hi
    Congrats - still waiting for my mar baby hope you join you soon- are you sure Evie is feeding and not just comfort sucking for that length of time?

    At least you get lots of time to look at her while she's on the boob! (You could post on breastfeeding chat - they prob have more suggestions)

    Good luck x
  • Yeh, she is a little sucker!!

    Midwife says she's just a hungry baby, but I'm gonna perservere with BF.

    Can't believe she's been here a week already.

  • yay im finally writing on a my baby was born forum instead of due! loving bein a mummy to my little man, xxx
  • Hi ladies!

    I gave birth to my gorgeous little girl on 3rd March at 8.53am after a 4 hour labour! Her name is Millie Grace and she weighed 6 pounds 7 ounces.

  • My little girl Emilia was born on March 4th, 7lbs 8ozs.

    Can't believe how quickly the first week has gone.

    Congrats to everyone on here, hope you are enjoying being Mums!
  • My little girl, Freya, was born on her due date - March 2nd, at 1.53am, weighing 8lbs 2oz

    She is the most amazing beautiful thing I've ever seen.

    Haven't got time to post now Applesauce, but the BF is really hard! She is hungry now so will try to post more later.

    Ally x
  • Congratulations everyone!!

    Evie is doing really well, after discovering that she much prefers the bottle to the boob!. She's taking 120ml at every feed, and that is after having a boob, so there is no way that I am producing enough milk to satisfy her.

    Felt really guilty for a few days which set off the blues pretty badly. Felt like a terrible mum as I couldn't feed her enough. But as soon as I accepted that she was happy being bottle fed, the blues started to lift.

    To those of you that have or are going through the baby blues, just let yourself cry it out, it won't last forever and you are doing your best, which is all you can do. You are all fabulous mums and your babies love you. They will pass and you have no reason to feel guilty and incompetant. Keep your chins up.

  • Hi i was induced on wed and my little girl Leah Victoria was born 11/03/09 9:44pm and weighed 6lb congratulations everyone image
  • Hi and congrats to everyone! I had my baby girl Nina 3/3/09, she was born a big girl at 9lbs 2oz. I'm so in love but also completely overwhelmed as have an 18 month old as well and can't quite work out how I'll be able to look after both when oh is back at work! Probably won't be on here too much for a while but hope to chat more when things calm down. x
  • Hi, congratulations everyone.

    I had a baby girl..Erin-Beth on 6th March at 9.53am, 7lb 3oz by planned c/section...i have 2 other girls aged 13 and 10 and 2 step children of the same age! so a biiiig gap for us! all the kids totally adore her and we already cant remember what life was like just last week before she arrived

    Jacki xx
  • have been looking for this forum all week, thought it had dissapeared but think its just moved- either that or nappy brain is on again!!!

    I had a baby girl- Laila, on 10th march, cant belive she is a wk old today! She weighed 7lb 14 and is the most gorgeuos tiniest thing ever, and i love her soo much.

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