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Hi girlies

Is anyone seeing any evidence of teeth yet?

I ask because Daisy-Mae is nearly 11 weeks now and has a little white dot on her bottom gum right at the front. She's been a bit grumpy for the last couple of days and dribbling like a big dribbly thing... Plus she chews on her dummy and my finger loads and when I put Bonjela on the spot, she calms down.

My feeling is that it's way too early for this, but it sure looks like somethings going on....

C xx


  • hi Leah is teething too shes dribbling for england lol and chewing on her hand all the time it looks like her bottom two front teeth wont be long before they appear - its not too early babies sometimes are born with teeth! but i have heard of quite a few beginning teething at about 7weeks the teeth do move in the gum before they eventually appear so thet can teeth for ages before any break through the gum hope this helps take care image
  • i thinki my little girl is too, she 11weeks now and as you both have said she dribbles for england really chomps on her hands though she wont touch a dummy and never taken to it so this is what makes me think is she teething cause i would expect her to go for it. i tried looking in her mouth earlier and couldnt see because she kept sticking her tongue out at me bless but other day i felt a sharpish bit on bottom gum to left side of mouth so gonna keep trying to see i think. x
  • Well, I've been to my Mum and Baby group this afternoon and it is a tooth!!!

    Can't believe my 10 week old baby has a tooth!!! We like to be different..

    Strange though because you expect them to scream and scream etc when they are teething, but so far, nothing like that!!!

    C xx
  • Wow, well done Daisy-Mae & Emma! Nina also seems to be teething but no peggys yet. Her brother had his first two teeth at three months and I think she might follow suit.
  • well my l'll man(11weeks) has been teethin for a couple of weeks but keep lookin not saw anthing so had a feel round and sure enuf lol there a sneaky tooth poking out quite far round the top left side like his fang tooth ? ? funny tho cos all books n mags say teeth usually appear around 6 months lol aaawww sad thing is it seems likes he's deffinatly growing tooooo fast : (
  • My ds is teething for sure! all the classic signs! I find Aston and parsons granules really helpx
  • Austin (12 weeks) is very dribbly so much so that sometimes his tops are soaked, chewing his dummy and chomping his hands but no actual sign of a tooth yet. asked hv and she said that they can start to teethe around 6 weeks and not actually get any teeth til 6 months! is quite scary that some of our babies are getting teeth, makes them seem so grown up, before we know it they'll be 18 and we'll be stood wondering where our babies have gone

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