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sorry if this is too much information but i have started bleeding quite heavily today. its fresh blood with some small clots in it. like the first day of my period.
i thought you didn't have periods if you were breastfeeding - am i wrong there?
or do you think it could be anything else?
my baby was born 4 weeks ago and my lochia had virtually stopped - i don't have any period pains or other af symptons other than a bit constipated but that has been a bit confused since i give birth?

any advice would be appreciated.




  • Hi hun, some do get periods when breastfeeding. I got mine back when first lo was 4-5 months and he cut down a lot on feeds. I'm not sure about this early though so maybe check with health visitor/doctor to get some advice. x
  • oh i didnt realise that you dont get periods whilst bf, i only bf my son for 3 wks so didnt really affect me. BUt i plan to bf laila for as long as i can (hopefully about 6 months). I've only just stopped bleeding since i gave birth 4 wks ago. sorry cant be any help.
  • LO is 4 weeks and ive just started my period! Gutted as im bfing so was hoping to not have any! I'll ask about it at my 6 weeks check but i don't think it's a given not to have one xx
  • hiya
    im just gatecrashing form the may forum,
    this is my secound baby,i had what ur having after 4 weeks so i went to a&e turned out i had an infection,so mayb it is worth getting checked,
    hope this helps
  • I had exactly the same! The bleed only lasted a day. i am now concerned its an infection as there is a slight smell (tmi!). i will get it checked out. Oh the joys...x
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