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Bit of a rant I'm afraid

We've been to baby clinic today and hv has basically told me amelia is fat. She is 13 weeks and weighs 16lb2oz, I know this sounds an awful lot but she definately does not look fat. I've now got to take her to see doctor to make sure she's got no underlying medical condition - I'm now stressed to the max. She such a content happy thing who loves to play and interact with me, OH and the other babies we know. The hv has made me feel like I'm over feeding amelia. she told me if she continues to gain weight she won't crawl etc at the stages she should and risks being obese in later life. Now I'm worrying like mad.

I was a huge baby, my mum had to wean me at 3 months because I was never satisfied and ate all the time but I'm not fat. I'm a size 8, eat healthily and exercise often.

Why are hv's so judgemental - I'm convinced she thinks I sit at home holding amelia feeding her all day.

I've got to go back in 2 weeks to weigh again and 'review' the situation. I'm sure they are only happy if you have a 'text' book baby.

Thank you all for listening!!!


  • oh sorry to hear your HV wasnt nice.

    How big was Amelia at birth? What centile is she on and has this changed?
  • OMG!! health visitors do my head sometimes!!

    Is she a fairly tall baby? Its just length has alot to do with weight too and dont think they always take this into account on their stupid graphs!!

    Is she breast or formula fed? I thought it was impossible to overfeed a breast fed baby, and can imagine very difficult to over feed a formula one too for that matter as Millie is just sick if she has more than she needs......what about feeding on demand! Different for all babies as they are all different!
    My little girl is 14 weeks and formula fed and I bet she weighs 15lbs if not more (getting her weighed tomorrow!) she was 4 weeks early so is plotted at 4 weeks younger that what she is so is on the 99th centile!! Im just waiting til she goes out that box and for the HV to say something!

    Try not to worry though hun, Im sure she'll be fine and reach all her milestones in her own time...just like you did. Its just protocol for the HV to follow you would think they of all people would understand how different perfectly healthy babies can be!
  • OMG hv's can be more trouble than their worth !

    My lo was 6lb 10oz when born at 39 weeks and when weighed at 9 weeks she was already 11lb 12ozs so when I get her weighed again on friday i'm just waiting to be told that she is overweight !
  • Thanks ladies, so glad it not just me. Amelia was 6lb5oz born at 39 weeks, she had the cord around her neck which I've been told can stop them feeding properly whilst being carried - She's making up for it now though!! She's absolutely perfect to me and I'm going to follow my own instincts unless told any different by doctor.
    She is formula fed - Did bf for first 6 weeks but couldn't keep up with her - She never takes a full bottle, on the odd occassion she has she was sick after - How would it be possible to over feed her. I think hv was concerned as Amelia was on 9th centile when born and is now on 99th - She's never followed the curve but jumped up to next line - I'm sure she slow down once more mobile.
  • hi there!

    I took my little girl to be weighed today and there was another mum there and we were discussing feeding and the hv seemed really nice and not concerned about anything, in fact im sure she said she's heard women worry thir babies are over fed but she dismissed it all saying as long as they feeding well and growing well it shouldnt be a problem! To be honest i think if your lo was being overfed surely she'd be uncomfortable and grumpy? dont quote me but im sure i read somewhere if babies are overfed they cry abit and are uncomfy???? your baby sounds like she just enjoys her food and is very happy and you are doing a brilliant job so id take no notice, i was warned about hv when i was pregnant so i try not to bother with them if i can (i weigh my lo at a self weigh clinic). xxx
  • aaaargh just wrote a long reply and stupid computer crashed! Here goes again!


    I actually have the opposite problem. Zach is 12 weeks and weighs 11 lb 5oz, he was weighed today, and my hv made a comment today about him being small, so now I'm worrying that there's something wrong, I'm not feeding him enough etc etc. He was 7 lb 8 at birth so not a small baby! He usually finishes every feed and is actually on 7 oz 5 times per day and the box of formula says for his age he should only be on 6 oz 5 times a day!

    I'm putting it down to his dad's family not being too tall. My hubby is only 5 ft 8 and his mum 4 ft nothing. However, I'm also 5 ft 8 and both my dad and brother around 6ft so had hoped it would balance out.

    A few weeks ago I was with my hv and he was measured and was deemed to be in proportion to his length and head circumference, do you know what your lo's is? He was on the 25th centile then, and although I think he has dropped a bit, he still seems in proportion!

    My friend has a 16 week old and she seems bigger than my other friend's 6 month old. All babies grow differently and not all babies end up obese, so try not to worry too much!

    Hope everything works out ok!

    Cas. X
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