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When will it end???!!!!

The relentless visiting!! Im SO sick and tired of it-i know im being miserable and people are just happy to see our beautiful boy but ive really had enough now-i just want to close the front door. Im really happy for our close family and friends to spend lots of time with him but they can't because every auntie/cousin twice removed and their brother want to come around-i feel like they're vultures. He's been passed around like a parcel.

I had my aunt who i see ONCE a year at my door 2 DAYS after the birth and she came again last weekend with my cousin in tow as she 'wanted to see him before he got too big' WTF?!

Easter weekend is the same-i've got one afternoon free to spend with hubbie and the rest is fully booked with family and friends. I had a blissfull afternoon with our little boy today-just the 2 of us, he played on his mat for the first time without crying, it was so lovely. The thing is, once everyone's seen him, they'll disappear and we wont see them for another year, they couldn't really care less about us!

Anyway, rant and ramble over! Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend next week and manage to get some quality family time xx


  • Aw my god i totally agree with that on one like, yeah every weekend since she was born people have been trapesing backwards and forwards my sister and sister inlaw and neice are in and out in and out its crap like, and yeah they do get passed from pillar to post and i think thats why shes not settling properly at night and its driving me crazy. Its easter next week and im going to pretend we're away xxxx
  • Do what I do and tell them all you're not up to visitors at the moment - it's all too hard!!! Yeah right, I'm loving it and want time for us, not the world and his dog who normally can't be bothered!!

    C xx
  • You poor thing. I'm quite lucky coz my family aren't to fussed about me! Obviously my sister and brother and grand parents have all had a nose and hubby's close family to but i don't see my aunts and uncles much so i've escaped that.

    Hubby's dad did really piss me off though coz when he came he completly hogged spencer. We don't see him much coz he left dan's mum when dan was a baby so it really pissed me off that he was looking so contently into his grandsons eyes when he doesn't even phone his son! Oh i've missed these rants!

    Anyway just try and get all the visits done and out of the way. At least you get presents!!

    gem gem x
  • Yeah lots of presents, and now we get easter presents toooo, lol,xxx
  • Ive got more sleepsuits than mothercare! I swear when someone i know next has a baby i'll buy them something origional NOT pack of sleepsuits, size 3-6 months!lol!!
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