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He walked!

Well, sort of! image

Peter still isn't pulling himself up further than his knees and still pulls himself along on his tummy as much as he properly crawls, but he loves standing if I prop him up (to the point where he is almost ready to stand on his own). He got a walker for his birthday and I have been propping him up with it, keeping a hold of his so that it doesn't run away with him and give him a fright. He's a little unsure, but he has started shuffling along with it - and boy, does he look pleased with himself! image

I'm so proud! imageimage


  • aww, yay well done peter! hollie has taken a few steps but only holding on to her walker. x
  • Go Peter!! There'll be no stopping him now!xx
  • yay go Peter..once hes got the hang of it he will be off. image
  • Well, he has just gone one better! Last night he pulled himself up to standing int he bath. I thought that would be it for a few weeks (it took him a couple of weeks to sit up on his own on dry land after doing it in the bath) but no, he did it today while all his friends were over! image So, yes, I think he'll be off now. Can't believe that I am going to have a toddler, though. What happened to my baby boy? :cry:
  • Go Peter, Go Peter! Oh you really will have fun now THG! x
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