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Ok, this really is random. Did anyone else find the intervals during labour utterly excruciating? I was so unprepared for the pain and I found it to be the worst part of the birthing process . I'd only seen it in movies, I thought they just poped their fingers in (painlessly !) and gave you a number but urgh, all that scraping around and digging, I realled yelled during them ! I've always wondered if it was just me who found them so sickening? Xx


  • all my internals were very uncomfortable but that last one was awful, the drip was up quite high, i had finally managed to persuade them to let me turn on my side, and whilst i was there the contraction pain eased a fair amount, but then they came in and made me turn back on to my back and did an internal, had a huge contraction at the same time and this was about the 20th time someone had had there hand up there that day and it was just awful! the very worst tho was that morning when the stooopid mw gave me one of the gels, she must've gone in at an angle cos she scraped about and faffed around going in all directions and generally making a mess of it (the others had just been uncomfortable) and actually reduced me to tears, after that every exam was excruciating. it was during one of my internals my waters went, all over the doctor!! i remember being petrified and exclaiming "i'm so sorry i didn't know that was gonna happen" and he replied "neither did i" lol x
  • Omg siany-you had 20 internals in one day!! That would have finished me off! I feel pathetic for even mentioning it now given that I only had 3! You deserve a medal! My eyes are watering just imagining it-ouch ouch ouch!x
  • lol, i did exagerrate slightly lol. but in complete honesty it was atleast 10, inc gels.....i was admitted in on the monday where i had one (first ever and wasn't nice), then on the tuesday i had 3 inc a sweep, on the wednesday i had another gel plus another 3 or 4 internals, then thursday same again (gel+3-4internals)) then the friday i pretty much constantly had someones hand up there lol and didn't help that one of them had completely maimed me!!! i do remember tho thining if an internal hurt that much how the hell was a baby gonna come out lol! in the end he didn't, he came out the emergency exit lol...since having him i've had my first smear and a further 3 internals but it must be the weight of the baby + contractions makesthem worse in labour as the post birth internals weren't too bad and infact hurt less then post baby sex (in the earlier days anyhoo)..

    lol ur not pathetic at all...internals were horrible ... 3 wld still have been too many for time noones going up there unless they convince me its absolutely necessary lol! x
  • i only had to have one and even that was bad enough for me!! To be quite honest (i know it sounds stupid) i had no idea what an internal was until it happened, i thought she'd just take a quick dignified peep up my skirt and tell me how far along i was!!! So obviously it was somewhat different to that! And she wrote on my notes something like 'skyla was too uncomfortable for me to carry on" !!!! how embarrassing!

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