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Any other March babies not walking?

Isla didn't crawl until 8months but was pulling up and crusing by 9months and walking with her vtech walker. She can stand alone in the middle of the floor lol but when you try to encourage her to step towards you she just gets down and crawls! Im wondering if the wooden floors are hindering her, maybe they're too slippy? Has anyone bought pre walkers or are they a waste of money?? Matthew walked at 11months and we had carpet then so didn't see the need lol!


  • Peter has only been pulling himself up to standing since his birthday three weeks ago and cruising for about the same length of time. He shuffles along pushing his walker or his activity table in front of him but I don't think he will be walking on his own any time soon!

    We have laminate floors and I was worried that this was hindering him so got him a pair of 'cruising shoes' from Clark's. They have softer, more flexible soles than walking shoes but they are rubber, unlike pram shoes. They do seem to help, although he has learned to stand up in his socks, so maybe the laminate isn't as much of a hinderance as I thought!
  • Erin-Beth has just this week started taking a few steps, and today we are up to 6, but she will stand on her own for ages....she has been walking with her vtech walker since xmas..oh and we have wooden floor and its not bothering her at all..its me it bothers and worrys lol!!
  • Riley isn't walking, standing, pulling himself up or even crawling! He does try bless him and he gets frustrated because he can't get around easily. He was an early baby and I just don't think he's got the strength yet. x
  • Yes!

    Despite Daisy crawling at 6 months and now being able to swim (with arm bands) and climb on and off beds and up the stairs (not a good thing!), she can't walk. She is the fastest crawler in the entire universe though (!) so has no real reason to learn to walk.

    Daisy is really tall (taller than all of our friend's babies and nearly as tall as my 2yr old niece) and I'm sure that's part of the reason - she's not got enough balance yet!

    C xx
  • although austin was crawling at 5 months, and cruising at 9 months, its only in the last few weeks he's even been able to stand up completely unaided (like in the middle of the room, he used to pull himself to stand and let go) and in the last few days he'll take the odd step but thats it. we have wooden floors and but he's always been pretty confident on them, he's never slipped at all so i don't think thats hindering the walking, jsut think he's not quite ready yet.
    mrs buttons, funyy u say about daisy being tall, i for a while thought it was perhas austin being really small (just below 9th for weight and height) that was keeping him back, thinking he wasn't big and stong enough.

    they're all so different and do things int heir own time, allthough i know as a mum it's difficult to believe as i'm beginning to worry myself silly over austin's lack of talking...he's still just 'dadadada' and 'uh', he doesn't point at anything either, so i'll be quizzing the hv at his 12month check about that.

  • Leah is only taking the odd step but loving standing up on her own then she realises and fall over lol im pleased though as she has done this earlier than Lexie but Lexie was very vocal and saying much more Leah still doesnt say much mum mum dada,nana,hiya,baba,cat not much else but it will come they are all different
  • Sian...Erin is below 9th centile too so def not size slowing her down, and she is only saying babababa, dadada, mumumum and hananana (biggest sister), but does look at the cat, dogs or fish wen i ask where they are.
    Im lucky that my hv is really great and thou im sure she must think "not her again" wen i turn up for weighing every few weeks i can ask her anything and she is very reassuring and says that they will develop in their own time and my concern at her lack of doing things is nothing to worry about as at which is fine till a few weeks later wen i start stressing about something else lol lol
  • Max flits between toddling, crawling, cruising and he's also now doing a weird bum-shuffle, he gets down on one knee as if he's proposing then wiggles along on his bottom! I think he'll be a good while before he's really 'walking', it takes so much strength and balancexx
  • In terms of shoes, I waited and waited to get Freya her first shoes, but even though she was walkign they still recommended cruisers to begin with. So I'd say it is worth investing in a pair for those wooden floors, because it isn't until they stop crawling (ie. are walking 95% of the time) that they recommend walkers. Although I'm also going to say that I need to take Freya's cruisers back to the shop because they don't fit her properly! They are Clarks 'fitted' shoes but they give her huge red marks on her feet. They are the right size, just the wrong shoes for her feet (apparently), so when you try on your first shoes make sure you try on a variety of styles because some styles will be better on different feet. AND don't go on a Saturday. because they staff (apparently) tend to be better trained and not so rushed. xx
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