Hey girls just me,

Im thiking of changing bellas milk, as i think now shes not filling up with it, she loves her food, but the milk doesnt seem to be doing its job anymore.......

Im not sure wether to dry her on dried 1year milk or go straight to cows milk, ive been umming and arrring for a couple of weeks i just dont know ????

What do you girls think ????

Thanks L xxxx


  • i posted something a while ago about it and we are currently working our way through our last tub of formula and then giving her cows milk,weve started giving her cows milk before bed and she likes it and had no probs with it,she was having cows milk with her weetabix and ready brek anyway. x
  • Hi. Can I just ask if you still give the milk in a bottle or in cup? I ve started giving Lydia bits of cows milk to drink but from a cup. She still has some of her follow on milk left which she likes warm and from a bottle but not sure what to do when this runs out. I assume you can just give warmed up cows milk? X
  • Erins been on cows milk for about 6wks now she stopped drinking her formula during the day and being sick wen she did so 1 switched her over to full fat and now she has about 3 bottles plus that in her brekky.
    But she does have formula overnite..just cos its easier to boiling water cooling in her bottle waiting for powder should she wake for it (and sometimes she does and sometimes she consistancy!!!) and strangly isnt sick on it overnite!

    She has her milk cold during the day mostly from a bottle but she will take one of these from a trying to move her over fully to cup! Her bedtime milk is cows just warmed in microwave (slap my wrist!!) and shook fully image
  • Right, thats great girls, i just wasnt sure if i started would i be too early or not, but im pleased youve started your babies on it. Shes very much a bottle baby, spesh when she was ill last week, she wouldnt have her cup, but would have the bottle, she can only drink out the tommi tippee cups the cheaper ones, not the other, she cant grasp she has to suck out of the other lol, its coz at nursery they use them and shes used to it. lol.

    Right i might it on tuesday coz shes at nursery tomoz and better to do it when im off work, il let you all know how i get on.

    Loz x
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