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TTC decisions

Well I've been broody for a while and so many of the March 09 mummies being preg again doesn't help :lol: We have been swinging back and forth to when is the best time and we have decided to go ahead and TTC no 3 in October image Anyone else??


  • We're getting married in October in Cyprus so have been putting it off until at least after the wedding. Not made any real decisions yet. I went self employed as a mobile hairdresser after my mat leave with Riley finished so I've only just built up a good clientelle so don't really want to ruin that but we'll see what happens!
    Good luck and happy baby making for october! image x
  • we'll i'm 23+2 now, we started ttc when ds was 11moths and got our bfp when he was 12months, can't believe how quick it goes! just wanted to wish u luck for ttc xx
  • We have had a good long talk and are now ttc number 3 just waiting for day 1 really hope we all get our bfp's as soon as we want them image
  • Oooh exciting stuff!! Im 35 weeks now....Millie was born at 36 weeks if you can remember back 18 months ago!! image Im getting nervous now in case this bubs decided to make a early entrance into the world like their sister!
    We started TTC when Mills was 9 months....sounds so young now, but we know we wanted a smallish age gap & were very lucky it happened straight away for us! Cant wait to be a family of 4 now! image

    Good luck to you all & hopefully you get your BFPS as soon as your ready! image

  • Yes, us! Well, November rather than October, but around then. I'd love to start trying earlier, but I have just applied for funding and if I get it I really need to work for nine months or so before going on maternity leave. I find out in November so will start trying once I hear, whether or not I get it. Not sure how I will cope with a very active toddler, a full research schedule and a pregnancy - I'm finding just the first challenging enough! - but I so want a second and am very envious of you ladies who are already pregnant.
  • Best of luck to all you ttc! I am nearly there as I am 32+5! Feel totally exhausted trying to juggle work a toddler the home etc. I also forgot how uncomfortable this stage is! I am glad to soon be entering sone cooler days so I can cover up a bit! I feel enormous! I hope we have done the right thing with a small age gap. I guess it's a bit late now! Fingers crossed you get your bfp asap xx
  • Just wanted to say that i hope you all get your bfp's really quickly and much love to all the mummy's-to-be.

    Ive stopped thinking about ttc, once weve moved house we'll start talking again but were just going around in circles at the moment! xx
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