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anyone finding the hot weather scarey?!

I don't like it!! Im terrified of frying little Max! We were out all day yesterday and i was so paranoid that he was over heating. Parasols are rubbish-you have to keep moving them depending on which way the sun's facing.

Does anyone know if we can use suncream yet, just for the few minutes he's getting in and out of the car. Also, i can't find any sun hats that fit his little bonce!!x


  • Hi I got Riley a newborn sun hat from mothercare and it kind of fits, maybe he's just got a big head lol. I think we can use suncream now I'm thinking of getting some. We haven't got a parasol yet, we went for a walk yesterday with him in the maxi-cosi and we just kept putting a muslin over it whenever the sun was on him!
  • I've got baby suncream for Charlotte and she's fine with it. I do worry about her being too hot but more of a night time as our upstairs is like an oven ! But then when I leave the windows open in the morning her little arms and hands are freezing ! But she doesnt complain so I figure she's ok.
  • I too am totally paranoid! I have started using baby suncream on Peter and he has a hat but it is so big that it keeps falling in his eyes. :lol: I am trying to keep him out of the sun during the hottest part of the day (11-3) but it isn't always possible. And we have stopped putting him in a vest at night - he just wears a sleepsuit and sleeping bag which seems to be working so far. Not sure what we will do if it gets much warmer though...
  • Does anyone elses LO get super hot in the maxi cosi if you use it out and about? I don't know how to make it cooler for him! x
  • Totally paranoid!! I've brought Amelia a sun hat from mothercare - Its too big for her but at least it covers her up, she doesn't like it when it covers her eyes though!! I've also got some baby suncream as I'm very worried about her burning even though I do keep her in the shade as much as possible. Its just that she's getting so hot. She loves being held and doesn't understand this makes her even hotter. Its nights that are the hardest just trying to keep her room cooler. I've been putting her to bed in a short sleeved suit but then she wakes in the night with cold arms and legs so I can't win!! Someone was telling me its supoosed to be a scorching summer too
  • I have some Nivea children F50 that I've been putting on Millie in a morning before we go out and she also has been wearing those romper suits for night and short dungerees or little dresses without vests these past couple of days, with a floppy sun hat, I've found her 0-3 one is almost a perfect fit now and she will be 13 weeks on Tuesday.
    I keep her in the shade all the time too and also put a muslin over the front of her pram or maxi cosi if the sun is behind me as Im not paying the ??20 odd quid & clip thing extra that it costs for the only parasol that fits my pram (quinny buzz) especially when most people find they are a waste of time anyway!

    I've been putting her to bed in a 1.5 tog sleeping bag and a babygrow, no vest, And she seems just right like that for the time being. Im in the NW!

    I've been trying to find some sleaveless vests for her, I found some in Asda but they only had big sizes! Anyone seen any anywhere? Must admit not been into town so not been looking properly!


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  • try mothercare or next for sleaveless vests and i have heard good reviews for the shade a babe thing for off into town tomorrow to get a double sun shade for my phil&teds pushchair.
  • Try Tesco for sleeveless vests - they were ??4 for 5 in a pack - I got some last week when there was 20% off as well - they're pretty good quality too...

    C xx
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