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Uh-oh!Someone's flipped my broody switch!

Before we'd even started ttc max hubbie and I thought we'd only have one baby-lots of reasons and when he arrived our feelings didn't change massively, we'd sometimes talk about trying in the future and I'd feel a little broody from time to time but OMG, I don't know what's happened but I've literally woken up one morning this week with a massive urge to have another baby ! It's such a strange feeling that's come on so suddenly but I would absolutely love a little brother or sister for max.

I think maybe now that we've had a few weeks of decent sleep and I've got over the hurdles we faced this year, my bodies supressed broodiness has surfaced !

Hubbies already on board but we have to move house first so it's a while off but I'm so excited! I don't think there's many of us left who aren't already pregnant on here-we seem to be a very fertile forum! I wonder who'll be next!xx


  • Yay! Yay! Yay! I've been broody for ages but we can't start trying until the autumn, probably November. Oh, and we need to move house as well but haven't found anywhere suitable yet. So glad your husband is on board. Have fun trying when the time comes! image
  • ooh yay! we're hopefully (my health dependant) going to be trying in 2012 when hollie is 3.

  • Oh God I am horribly broody!! If we didn't already have 2 I think we would be TTC now as I think March was a lovely time to have a baby :\). We are building a house though ( just waiting to hear back on planning permission at the min) so likely will have to sell our house at the end of the summer and move to rented acommodation until new house is ready which might be too much preg/with a new baby. **huff** lol.

    As it is we are hoping to TTC around Christmas. I came off the pill last month for various reasons and just used condoms this last month but we are going to Portugal next Thurs and I know that is going to be my fertile time so its v tempting!! Though we are sharing a villa with my parents, garndparents, my brothers and other family membes so don't know if we will manage to get too carried away :lol:
  • Ha ha P bob brilliant news! Although definatly wait till you've moved house so you have as little stress as possible. We're moving house in July (fingers crossed) and i'm sure all my early problems were due to stress over sorting that out.
    I am regretting being pregnant in the summer though, although it should be a little cooler hopefully by october when i give birth. I'm already having trouble reaching my legs to shave them for dress and skirt wearing.
    I have to agree with Fran March is definatly a fab time to give birth!

    Wait and see how we cope before you try, we'll all be nervous wrecks and you'll be coping fantastically with little Max.

    Just go for it now! Yay xxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks girls-we will deffo wait until we've moved first, the stress will all be worth it though gem! We've also got to wait until max is 3 when his nursery fees are free as we could no way afford 2 lots of childcare although if I had 12 months maternity leave again max would only have to be 2!

    Beccie- it's all dependant on my health too, it's so damn boring isn't it?!! Fingers crossed we have a good few years ahead.

    Just had a thought-you have to actually have sex to make a baby!! Maybe that's why hubbie was so quick to agree!xx

  • Fab news p.bob!! I cant wait for September now so that Millie has a little brother or sister! Im so excited now, although the worries do creep in about how I'll cope with 2 babies but the excited feeling soon takes back over!
  • hah fab news pbob, that was also a 'down side' for me to ttc, but as luck would have it we concieved on month 2, and only 'did it ' 4 times in the entire month lol! OH was gutted he thought it'd be a few months at least of getting some regular action lol. xx
  • Yay! Another baby to become a big brother!! xx
  • Yeyyy fab new P bob, yeah everyone in march are all very keen on having another, but I love Bella and we have sooooo much fun and shes soooo good but i do NOT fancy another for like a least 2 -3 years lol x
  • Well my broodiness has deflated again! We're so busy with selling our house, work etc that I can't imagine being pregnant! We'll have another think in a year or so, I'm all over the place with it at the mo!xx
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