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My Baby still doesn't have a name ;(

He was born on 20th March and I can't believe we still haven't decided on a name for him! We were struggling to choose between Jake and Finley but then because neither one of us would back down decided to look for a completely different name. The only one we are agreed on is Noah, both our families like it, hubby likes it (which is a result as I had about 10 names I liked and hubby only liked Finley orginally!) but although I like it I'm not 100% sure. In my head he has been Jake for the last 3 weeks so its strange to consider a different name, also I'm just not sure if Noah is a bit too unusual?

What does everyone think? Also we arn't religious and although both of us have biblical names and I love practically every biblical name I just wonder if Noah sounds more religious than other names? Don't know if that even matters to me or not, but something is holding me back from using the name but I can't quite put my finger on it!

Can anyone help!!!!

Rach and the milk monster (his current name!) xx


  • Love the name Noah - that would def have been on our list if we were having a boy!
  • I have a friend whos boy is Noah and he is a lovely lad (15yrs old now!!) and i love the name.

  • hi due date/ birthdate bud!

    I think Noah is really nice. The thing that I like about it is that it is succinct and sounds strong. Sounds a bit sexist I know, but when we were choosing boys names I kept saying to hubby- imagine it on a business card- does it sound solid and manly. By time ours are grown up business cards will prob be extinct but Noah is fab. Also as I am a teacher I hear names shortened and some truly nice names are shortened and sound awful- can't do that with Noah so doubly good. Know what you mean about not stepping down. i wanted Poppy for a girl- hubby hated it, He wanted Nathan for a boy (Naiff sounds v bad when bellowed across playground) so a no from me so we both agreed to step down. Now glad Emily is not a Poppy. Clearly not telling hubby that though!!

    We got a few friends in on it and when we were thinking of Holly we trailed it and listened to how it sounded whrn people asked after her, when we trailed Emily we both liked hearing other say her name so was a done deal by late morning on the day we trailed it.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • i love noah and was on our list for a while. but in the end we went with samuel adam which loads of people have said is nice! but yeah noah is great!
  • thanks for your thoughts ladies, kelly that's exactly what I wanted a name that sounded solid and manly, but also cute for when he's a baby/toddler!

    Frustratingly hubby has now said he isn't too sure about Noah as he thinks kids will take the mick when he says his name - ie. do you Noah Smith (our surname).......I told him that was ridiculous but he claims that he knows what boys are like!!!!!

    I give up! At this rate our little boy won't ever have a name!!!!

  • i love the name Noah that was my 1st choice if i'd had a boy but hubby hated it so we decided on Lucas but had a girl so shes Leahimage good luck on picking oneimage
  • Rach, you've just got to make a decision and stick to it. We were like this when i was pregnant but then we just decided and promised not to go back on it, can't imagine lo with any other name now.

    Noah is a beautiful name as are the others. Give yourself until the weekend then go and register him-that'll make it official!!xx
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