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What size?

I'm in the market for a duffel coat for Peter for this winter and am wondering what size to get him. If I get him one in 18-24 months, I have less choice and I am also concerned that he may outgrow it before he stops needing it (he isn't enormous but he isn't tiny either). Should I buy one for a 2-year-old, even if he won't be 2 until March? Argh, shopping for seasonal items is such a pain!


  • Riley is still wearing 9-12 month clothes! I've just bought his outfit for our wedding and ordered 6-9 months by mistake and it fits him fine! I think though if I was buying him a coat for the winter I would probably buy 12-18 months just so it lasts, although he hated wearing his winter coats last year as they were big and he could hardly move in them!
    I suppose it only needs to last until just after he's 2 as it should start getting warm again then, so maybe just buy an 18-24 month coat? x
  • Thanks, kel. Someone in Toddler recommended buying the 18-24 month one and getting him another one in the sales if he has a growth spurt. I seem to remember having him in last year's coat until well into April, but hopefully he will get plenty of wear out of an 18-24 month one first as I am rapidly verging on bankruptcy, having just bought his first proper walking shoes plus a whole lot of wet weather gear in preparation for the winter! :lol:
  • i would say get a 18-24m, i'm in the same boat as kel though, ds is a titch and some 6-9 still fits, some 9-12 is too big and 12-18 swamps him at the minute so i've got him some autumny (lol) jackets in 9-12 and will wait and see about 12-18, but will prob have his proper winter coats in 12-18 even if they're a bit big so he can have some snuggly jumpers under...could u get him 18-24 so it fits this side of crimbo, then if he does need the 2yr+ then u could get that in the jan sales? i was thinking of getting him some wellies too, but again will leave that closer to the time, got his feet measured 3-4months ago for the first time and he was a 3.5g, last week he was still a assuming his feet are gonna have to have a growth spurt sometime soon lol. x
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  • Thanks, ladies. I've ended up getting him a 18-24 month coat at the nearly new sale. I would love to see him in a duffel coat now that he is walking (I think he would look adorable) but at ??5 for a good quality coat, I really couldn't do anything else! Am now rather hoping for a growth spurt requiring a hunt for a duffel in the January sales. image
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