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confused about how much to feed my nearly 4 week old!!

hello all,
Well done on becoming Mummy's. How are you all coping? I have fab days and crap days but thinhs are getting better. My concern is that I am bf and formula feeding my lo as he is so hungry! He was 9lbs at birth and is now over 10lbs at 3 weeks and 5 days. In his formula he happilys takes 5oz and wants to feed every 2-4 hours. Should I be giving him 6oz as standard? When he BF he takes both sides and always needs a top up of 3oz.
Can anyone help?? xxx


  • Sorry I wish I could help but i'm as confused by how much to feed as you are. My lo is completly on the bottle (just wouldnt bf no matter how hard I tried) and seems to constantly be hungry !!!!
  • WOW littlep, you have a little piggy on your hands their!! LOL and brilliant weight gain, Laila had only put on about 6lbs at 3 wks, and i havent had her weighed since. i'd say if he happily takes 5oz and is feedign evry 2-4 hours definatly offer him 6oz, he may not take it all, but is better to offer it. This may mean he goes slightly longer between feeds. Not sure about when your bf as well, as its so hard to tall how much they are taking. How long does he bf for each time?
  • Thanks!
    He takes 45 minutes for both sides. I will see what the HV says on Tuesday. Its so hard when BF as you ahve no idea how much they are taking. I try and express so that I get an idea. Not that easy to do when DH is at work. How are you all getting on? x
  • well i'm soley bf at the mo, have yet to get myself a breast pump. Had one with my son, but have lost all the bits for it!! she feeds fine during the night, which i'm pleased about cos it means i get quite good nights sleep. But during the day she sometimes feeds every hour or so, think they call this cluster feeding?? She'll feed for about 10mins then ill wind her put her down, then half hr later or so she'll want another feed.
    sounds like your doing really well, and his weight gain is very good; so your obviously doing a fab job. xx
  • Hi littlep, my HV told me that if my LO happily takes 4oz at most feeds then to up it to 5oz and then when he happily takes that, up it again by 1oz.

    My lo is very erratic sometimes taking 4oz but other times only taking 2oz so I won't up it until he is consistently taking 4oz xx
  • Hiya,,

    Im bottle feeding, and Bella just has what she wants, at like say 8am she'l have 2oz then an hour later 1oz then the other 0z an hour later so by this time its nearly dinner time and i try and give her another 2oz before we go out and she falls asleep, then she'l maybe wake about 4 for a full 4oz maybe then she'l maybe pick at an odd oz and at bed i try and give her a full bottle, but its useless sometimes, but through the night she is a pig, she'l have say at 1am 3oz then at 3am she'l have another 3oz then 5 maybe 2-3oz and then wakes at 7,.....arghhh its torture like, so ive bought her a cot bed and shes going in it tonight so im gonna try and fully feed her and then put her donw and hope she sleeps, the problem is is when she wakes she just want fed and thats it,

  • hi, Ruby takes about 4-5 ozs i am making up 5oz bottlessometimes she drinks all of it others only an 1oz she seemsto like to comfort feed but during the night takes the whole 5 oz, if iwas you i would make up 6 and see how he goes Ruby had a ready made carton today and took 7ozs in 1 go and been asleep since might be in for a bad night lol as that was at 5 and still no sign of waking for he bedtime bottle

  • Hey what does everyone think, should i change my milk from SMA to cow and gate, coz ive never been completely happy with it, one coz it made her really sick in her second week, and she never seems satisfied with it and doesnt sleep at night properly.

  • i amusing heniz nurture as i found sma made them sicky and ruby is doing eally well on it

  • thanks everyone! Ds can take 2 boobs and 5oz quite happily now! lol.
    Loz Monster- i found that if ds settles for longer the more he eats. he used to pick but now I make sure he takes at least 4oz so that he settles. More feeds during the day also reduces the feeds during the night. I hope this works for you! Oh and if your lo falls asleep on the bottle and its not finished put them on the floor. Babies hate hard surfaces!! x
  • Still bf Daniel and he's doing well. He usually feeds every 3 - 4 hours. When I put Sophie (my first) onto a bottle at 5 months I started her on Cow and Gate and i swear she said "don't like that" !! in the end we changed to Aptimal because C&G made her sick. So will try Aptimal again this time.

    Don't be afraid to try different things if your not completely happy, every baby is different.
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