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Potty Training?

Hi All,

I am more of a reader on here than a poster as normally someone has already posed the question I need answering! Lily was born March 2009 7 weeks early. She has been walking confidentally for a few months, but not much speech yet.

My parents have been saying ever since she could walk we should think about potty training. I thought it was WAY to early, so almost to prove my point we bought one just to prove she wasn;'t ready. So with my Mum round on sun night I took her for a bath and before putting her in the bath I asked if she wanted to do a wee wee on the potty, she sat down and went for a wee?! So managed to convinvce mum and myself that it was a fluke.....following night asked the same thing, she nodded, sat down and did a poo. After her story I asked her again, she nodded and did a wee. She has been with my parents today and every so often they have asked and when she has said yeah they have taken her to the potty, she has pulled her nappy down and gone for a wee.

She definately is not telling us when she needs to go, but seems to know by saying yes or no if she thinks she needs to.

Really scared we're getting into this a bit soon. Next one is due Mar 2011 and thoght we would potty traing Lily next summer when I am off on maternity leave. Do you think we should stop as it seems way too early!!!


Clare x


  • I saw your post in Toddler but I'm afraid I don't really know what to advise. Peter is nowhere near ready yet. We have a potty and he can sit on it but he doesn't like to stay sat, so at the moment we are working on getting him to sit for longer than two seconds before toddling off. It sounds as if Lily is a lot further along than that.

    I think in your position I would go for it. Some children are just early with this sort of thing. Maybe take it a bit more slowly than you originally planned, given that you have a bit more time? I am guessing she will regress when the new baby arrives which is very common, so maybe if you have a good training routine in place you will be able to get back to her being dry more quickly?

    Sorry, I'm not sure if that is any help. I have to admit, I am totally daunted by the prospect of potty training given how slow Peter can be at acquiring new skills. Best of luck, whatever you decide to do!
  • Hiya, I would def keep going as you eldest (now nearly 15) was potty trained and totally out of nappies by 18months, my next dd (now 12) was 2 1/2 and I did nothing different.
    Erin-Beth who is just over 18months is sitting on the potty and takes her nappy off when she wants to go...only thing is she sits on it then gets off and goes!!! so a bit hit and miss atm, but when she has gone in her nappy she goes and gets a clean one and the wipes so she is aware that she needs to go but its just getting the timing right!!! but Lily is clearly ready and I agree with THG advice above, follow her lead...good luck image
  • hi, i would definately carry on as u are, it sounds like she knows exactly what the potty is for. ds is now where near ready yet, he'll sit on the potty but more as a chair lol, and he sits on the back and puts his feet in the actual hole bit (luckily he's never done a wee on it yet, eww) stays for about 5 seconds then toddles off. it is possible that she is ready earlier than most, apparantly i was dry in the day by the time i was 18months. infact the clostest ds has got is when eh ahd his nappy off the other week he decided to wee just, he lent his hands up against the wall and was looking at his willy while he was weeing, so maybe he might be figuring out whats happening, but certainly no where near ready yet. xx 28+2
  • It sounds like you are really going at her pace, which is great. Our parents generation potty trained much much earlier than people tend to now. I've read that there are stages for understanding bowl movements for kids - first is to be able to say that they have done it, and then is to be able to say that the need to do it. The very little i have read has suggested that it is easiest to wait until the child can say that they need to go.

    The only issue is that toddlers can regress a lot if a sibling arrives and is in nappies, so I'd keep going as you are and see where you are all at in a couple of months. If she leads the way in terms of what she is ready for, then hopefully it will all be smooth and fine.

    Good luck image xx
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