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March is almost upon us..........BIRTHDAY TIME!!!

Hi ladies

I think we should have a birthday thread like are due date thread so we can come on and wish all our gorgeous little Marchies happy 1st birthdays!!! Where has the past year gone!!

Think Millie is one of the 1st with Peter, Sorry I cant remember anyone else image......just add it on and I'll edit this so its the first post. image

30th December - Fall3n-ang3l's - Charlotte & Jack............ HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!! image

1st - THG's - Peter..................Happy Birthday!
2nd - alley_e's - Freya................Happy Birthday!
3rd - MGMummy's - Millie & missymoo's - Nina........Happy Birthday girls!!
4th -
5th -
6th - Malakin's - Erin-Beth............Happy Birthday!
7th -
8th -
9th -
10th -
11th - 2girlywhirlys - Leah & Marnb's - Emma.................Happy Birthday girls!
12th -
13th -
14th - p.bob's - Max.................Happy Birthday!
15th - mrsclaretweeze - Darcy
16th -
17th - littlep's - DS (sorry I cant remember his name!) xxx
18th - Lozmonster's - Bella
19th -
20th -
21st - Wow baby's - Austin
22nd - Fran82 - Isla
23rd -
24th - Mrs Buttons - Daisy-Mae
25th -
26th -
27th - little o's - Ophelia
28th -
29th -
30th - lydia'smummy's - Lydia
31st - xkelx's - Riley

8th April - Sleepybeccie's - Hollie image

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  • Leah's is the 11th March i know im back to work next week its come round so quick! We are getting her the fisher price little people garage for her birthday
  • Nina's birthday is also 3rd March.x
  • well my due date was 4th of march (i think,i just cant remember,how bad is that) but jack and charlotte decided to apear on the 30th dec' :lol: so ive missed out :lol:

  • *cries* hollie's isnt untill 8th april but i dont post on that forum
  • Freya birthday is 2nd March image I realised today I need to buy her a card!!!!!!!!!
  • hi, great idea mgm mummy!

    austin's is 21st march...xx
  • Riley's is 31st, the baby of the group! x
  • Lovely idea although I'm still in denial about the whole thing! Max is the 14th. Sleepy beccie-Hollie will always be an honarary marchie! Xx
  • I'm still in denial too..feel very tearful at the thought of it!! mad woman I know!!!! But Erin-Beth is the 6th x
  • I keep filling up aswell-wish I could blame my hormones! I just keep thinking about the birth and 'this time last year' , this past 12months have been such a blur, I just can't believe the baby days are over already! image xx
  • I know! We were at a birthday party for my mother and baby group today - but they aren't babies anymore! One little girl can walk already! (And there is my son pulling himself around in his tummy still image.)

    Edit: Meant to say, thank you so much for putting Peter's birthday on your list MGMummy. We have been having a very busy weekend celebrating! image

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  • its mad its gone so quickly hasn't it? Everyone says that - but its so true. Ophelia is on the 27th xxxx
  • yay for hollie still being an honorary marchie. i'm still a marchie baby though (i'm 28 on the 18th eek!)

    we should of done a secret santa birthday thingy!
  • We have my brothers, nanas, mums, mine and now Max's birthday all within 3 weeks of eachother-it's a crazy and very expensive month!

    Happy birthday Peter-born on St.Davids day too! I remember THG panicking about her mum being there on time and if they'd have a car to get to the hospital-it all went smoothly in the end didn't it?x

  • Happy Birthday Peter image Just realised, that means it is Freya's birthday TOMORROW!!!!!!

    Oh my goodness! I need to buy a card and a camcorder (the latter, evidently, for us not Freya :P) .
  • thank you MGmummy.. :lol:

    i think the first birthday is always the worst but they do grow up so fast,daniel is 3 in april image still cant belive it

  • they do grow up way to eldest dd Hannah is 15 this yr and Charlotte is 12 in 6wks!!!! now thats gone way to quick...scary as i still only feel 21!!!!
  • Yep;....everythings about this time last yea, what was i doing this time last year lol, well this time last year, i was just about finished work, i stopped two weeks before i had bella, im honestly broody, but actually dont want another yet, bellas too much hard work lol....but i cant believe it a year already and birthday wishes to the march forum babies, early babies and later babies lol...all have fun we will..xxxxxx

    Lozmonster - Bella 18 March x
  • Ahhh, can't believe it's March already!

    Happy birthday to all of our babies - what a wonderful year it's been!

    Daisy-Mae is 24th March, if she could go on the list..

    C xx
  • I still can't get my head around Lydia being a March baby (she was actually due 5th May) its been a very exciting 12 months! She is one on the 30th x Happy Birthday March babies. Hope you all have magical days. Lots of love Michelle and Lydia xx
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