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Ok, I know it is a bit early but choosing a name last time was a nightmare!! My OH & I couldn't agree on anything!! TBH, I suggested all the names, he refused them!! We had Chloe as a possible girls name but I've gone off that now! And boys we had none, I loved Benjamin, Oliver, Joshua etc - traditional boys names but OH agreed a maybe on Benjamin but the other two were thrown out!

We agreed in the end - when I was in the birthing pool holding our son (my choice, OH would have agreed on most things at that point!), and we love our sons name now, but it was a stress so We are trying to do better this time (or at least I am!).

Have you all had any thoughts yet??



  • First time was hard enough. I am stuck!
  • We really struggled last time so not sure what we are going to do this time. It was boys names that we found the hardest!

  • We had a nightmare choosing DD's name, as DH vetoed everything I liked! This time round though amazingly we've agreed on girls and boys name, first and middle name for both!! I'll reveal all closer to the time image x
  • I find it really hard thinking of names, I just cant find any that I think 'oh I LOVE that' doesn't help that EVERY name I suggest my husband has to say 'No I don't like that...the milkmans sons, cousins dog is named that..' or something equally ridiculous! :evil:
  • Nikkirich, how hard that you have to think of two! And I guess that they have to sound right together too? We would never agree!!

    Piahigsy, this is exactly what my OH does! "oh no, there was a fat girl who smelt called that at primary school with me", I'm the teacher & would have thought would have the most bad associations with names but no! Thinking we may have to find out the sex this time just to minimise the battling!!
  • Being our first child we haven't had to think about it before so I don't know how it will go when we start discussing name ideas! We think we will find out the sex and that will help focus the name chats but like you Nikki I think we'll be keeping it secret so as not toget influenced! lol! xx
  • It is really hard isn't it? I'm getting annoyed with DH because I'll suggest names which he won't agree with then a few days later he'll say 'you probably won't like it but...' argh! At the moment we like Milo or Jack for a but no idea for girls seeing as we're convinced we're having another boy. I would like to have names decided by the 20 week scan so we can get Dexter used to it and he associates it with the baby.
  • We had loads of girls names last time (although I dont like any of them this time around) and only had one name for our little boy. But as soon as he was born we knew Luke was right for him.

    I have a few names I like this time round, but if Im anything like last time I will change my mind loads during the 40th weeks. xxx
  • this is our first baby but we have started thinking of names already , finding girls names easier than boys to be honest but oh doesnt like half the names i come up with. im convinced im having a boy anyway so need to get thinking of boys names, we are going to find out the sex so that should make it easier .
  • I'm finding girl names easy but boy names a real struggle!! Means that I'm determined to have a girl! Lol my oh agrees with all names which means I keep suggesting and he keeps agreeing
  • Me and my partner cant agree on boys names and he's dead set on calling him (if we have a boy) Preston but I'm not keen! I think it sounds chavvy (I hope noone here has a son called Preston!. What does everyone else think??
  • i dunno, reminds me of one of the boys in desperate housewives lol

    im stuck for boys, its a flip between dominic gregory and gregory dominic... !
  • Or him from The Ordinary Boys! x
  • g/cing here, but yes we're having the same problem. Girls are fine we have 3 names, Freya, Lucy or Sophie / Sophia with Jennifer as the middle, as its my mum's name. But boys - argh! The only thig we can agree on is Thomas as a middle as it's my MIL's maiden name, but everything I like he doesnt and vice versa. I like traditional names too like Oliver, William and had suggested Thomas as a first name but hubby likes Laurie but all I think of when I say it is Lorry!

    doesn't help that I want an unusual name but nothing too wacky, something that childlike when he's a child but a good adult professional name, so if he becomes a lawyer or a doctor he's going to be taken seriously - perhaps I have too high expectations!

    It also doesn't help that hubby is convinced we're having a girl so we don't need a boy's name!
  • My little boy is called Preston....

    only kidding... although I don't mind it.

    Our trouble is trebbled this time. I'm swedish, my partner english. The name needs to be pronounced roughly the same in both languages, not sound like something weird in one of the languages, sound good with both of our surnames... and now also sound good with our sons name.

    I'm already agonising about it allthough we haven't actually stared the suggestion attack mode (wich we applied last time round).

    Just bombard each other with random names, shout them out and the idea is to suddenly both stop and go... "hey I actually don't mind that"
  • Annika, friends of mine have a similar relationship (he is Swedish, she is Welsh) and they went with Harry for their son. I'm assuming thats ok in both languages??
  • Mmmm Harry. Sure suppose so. It may be coming back in fashion. I only know swedish Harrys in their 50's.

    We named our boy Ruben, which I still love!! That works real well in both. So now we have to match Ruben. Can only hope it's a girl as last time Ruben was the ONLY name we agreed upon.... so have no backups if it's an other boy. Hi hi.
  • Ooh, I dont like Preston at all, sorry (and double sorry if anyone does have a child called Preston!) x
  • We have Lily Martina for a girls name. We both love the name Lily (just wish it wasnt as popular as its getting) and Martina is my Mothers name image Boys name are a struggle! Love the name Samuel but our nephew is Samuel. Maybe Michael or Nicholas Michael...We have some time to keep thinking. I think once we find out what we are having we will think more about names.
  • Ooooh, I'm not one for Preston either!!

    Lily I love, it was my lovely granny's maiden name - we had it planned for our girls middle name - then my blooming sister gave it to her daughter 8 months after our son was born... May still use it! Though Ann is my mum's middle name & MIL's first name, but don't really like it!! OH is refusing to talk about names until we've found out the gender (which we were going to ask about at our 16 week scan but he now can't make it.....). But then we're not even 100% about finding the sex out....!

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