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I'm joining you!

Just saying a little hi, I'm joining you ladies from due in April!

I had my scan today and baby was measuring a week ahead so my new due date is 30 March!! I will probably post in both groups though as if I'm late I'll still be an April mummy.

I'm Emily, 30 from Birmingham and expecting number 2. We have a dd who is nearly 17 months.


  • Hi Emily and welcome to the board! Nice surprise for you being dated a week ahead!

    I'm Bev from West Yorkshire and I'm expecting my second baby on 26th March. Already have a 16 year old daughter so a big age gap!! x
  • Hi Emily

    Welcome! Are you going to the Women's hospital? Did you have dd there? I am a first timer and would love to know if you had a good experience At Birmingham women's and did you have midwife led care at the birth centre? Sorry to be so nosy!! :lol:
  • Hi Emily & welcome to DIM! We are a friendly bunch & i'm sure you'll get to know us over the coming months.

    I am Natasha, age 28 & also live in birmingham. This will be our 1st baby after 2early mc. Am starting to relax a little as everything is going ok so far & the women's hospital are looking after me well. Whereabouts in birmingham are you & rachllsn3? X
  • hey and welcome!

    im rosie and 24 pregnant with no2 image i live in southampton

  • Welcome Emily!! How exciting to be earlier! My first baby is due on the 15th but wish it was earlier

    I'm at birmingham womens too! Haven't been yet though, 12 week scan was at weoley castle millennium Centre
  • Hi Emily

    Welcome to the DIM Board! Hope your well x x

    I'm Kirsten and expecting No3 on the 21st March. I already have two ds's aged 11 and 2!
  • Thanks ladies! Wow, so many of us in Brum!! I'm going to Heartlands (we live SE Brum) and I had my dd in the consultant led bit there in May last year. I'm consultant led this time as I had pre-eclampsia and my dd was "small for dates" so I have to deliver at a consultant led unit. I'm having my scans at Solihull though, which is really swish since they downgraded it to MLU last year. The delivery suite is like a hotel!

    I know a few people who have been to the Womens' and they've all had good experiences, so those of you who are going there will be just fine xx
  • Oooh so many Brummie ladies! I am city centre and had an early scan and my 12 week scan at the women's and everyone there has been lovely so far. image

    How is everyone feeling now? I am feeling so much better now the morning sickness has gone, but now i' ve developed chronic lower back pain. Apart from that I can't complain! Hope you a are all doing OKimage xx
  • Welcome to DIM image I'm in Manchester, though went to uni in Brumimage

    I'm Ruth, I have a 17 month old so this will be no2 for me!

  • Hello fellow Maybie! It's a shame we don't live closer, I'm a North wester too image) x
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