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highly emotional

hi ladies,

is anybody feeling very emotional, i seem to cry at the drop of a hat and keep crying at the smallest thing!

im also really worying at the moment because im convinced something is going to go wrong and i dont know why, im 15 + 4 today and had a very bouncing active baby 2 weeks ago at my scan but now im just so scared , i honestly cant wait till i feel some kind of movement as im hoping it will make me feel better. i dont even feel like ive got a bump just a fat belly,

my oh told me to go and see the midwive but just get the feeling that they are going to tell me im being stupid which i already now i am !

sorry for the rant ladies i just dont feel like im enjoying my pregnancy even though i know im supposed to it just feels like a waiting game and im not very patient !

PB xx


  • I am feeling exactly the same. I want to enjoy it but can't quite yet. I am sure we will both be fine but it doesn't stop us worrying.

    I too just feel like I have a fat belly. Sometimes it looks like a bump but it isn't very hard yet...I can hold it in a bit. I want to talk to midwife but also feel a bit stupid and like i am wasting their time with minor issues.

    Hope we both feel better soon.

  • Yes bump is at the annoying stage of just looking like ive eaten too many pies. Can see a bump when im standing then when I lay down it dissapears doesnt it!

    I am VERY emotional this time around. Ive already had a strop at my husband tonight and just been mean or tearful in general.

    Its so normal to feel worried/paranoid/irrational and unfortunately there is nothing anyone can say to make us feel better until that little baby is out and in our arms!
  • thanks for replying girls, it make me realise im not the only one at least, cant wait till i at least feel it moving, wish we were like hamsters only pregant for 29 days lol!!
  • haha yes could you imagine! Or the other end of the spectrum imagine being pregnant for 22 months like and elephant!!!!!!! crazy!
  • Hi PB image

    Yeah, I've been a right pain in the ar*e, my OH will gladly testify to this! My 'bump' is the same & totally non-existent when I'm lying down. If you want to go & see a mw then do - a good MW will totally understand all your worries & you don't want to worry about annoying a bad one! But I honestly think we are all the same at the moment. In a months time when we're feeling movement & have big bumps then I'm sure we'll all feel much better!

  • I am extremely emotional. I met with my head of service yesterday to discuss the re-organisation and redundancies that the department are facing. When I told him I was expecting he was lovely and congratulated me and then offered to go with me to meetings with HR to discuss my options. I started to fill up and my voice was breaking when talking. I was mortified and blamed the hormones! I was just shocked that he was offering his time for me and kept thinking thats sooo nice! when I got back to the office and told my colleagues I did it again!

    Its a running joke in the office now! God help me when I have to interview for my job!

    K x
  • Your body is going thru a huge change and playing havoc with your emotions. It's normal!

    As for the baby moving, much of that happens from 18 weeks onwards. You've plenty of time yet to get a kick or two right on your lower ribs!!
  • thanks again girls, ive been feeling much more positive over the last few days partly cos i have my hen do tonight which should take my mind of it,

    bless you loobylou ive been the same in work my manager asks me if certain tasks have been completed and then says straight away "dont cry" lol.

    PB x
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