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maternity clothes

Hi ladies, I am one of the mums to be at the end of march and am struggling with my normal clothes. I usually wear size 12-14 bottoms, 10-12 (more 12's!) tops & 12 dresses. I am teacher so have to dress 'professionally' which means its not a good idea to wear my blouses & shirts open with a vest under or my trouser undone at the button!

When do you usually buy /start wearing maternity clothes? I got a few tops, a pair of trousers for work, a dress & a pair of jeans al in size 14 but i'm not sure I have done the right thing? The jeans are a bit tight I think on my thighs & the dress to big on the top. Should I be going for everything 1size up except the dresses as they tend to be floaty anyway?

What do you do about a coat? I have never made it this far before & have no idea about what you need or how big you'll get! Can anyone help?

Finally- what are the best type of jeans to get? I am confused by the different waist bands! Not that I have much of a waist now! Lol! Hope all you lovely ladies are having better luck with your wardrobes! Xx


  • aw bless u, maternity clothes arent too scary.

    i find my best stuff in H&M, new look, dorethy perkins and next. Highstreet stuff is pretty good these days. You can also shop clever and get stuff to get you through 3-6 month time and then once you're huge you go for your maternity (you may not even be at work once you need to actual stuff and get away with different less professional stuff.

    I get 'under' bump jeans from next, they dont have that huge waistband which sits on your bump, they just hack me off.

    coat wise, you could find a coat which has strategically placed buttons so that it sits above ur bump.... or you could really fork out and get a maternity coat. I did ask my friend who was due in feb what she did and she laughed and said you dont need a coat, you dont get as cold as everyone else... but im still pretty worried, it snowed ALOT last year so it will be cold, i'll probs go get lots of big ass wooly jumpers from primark or such places to literally layer upon layer (good for when u get a hot flush and u need a layer off)

    you wont need a size change (im a 14 from previous baby) unless you put on a lot of weight during pregnancy, in the 3rd trimester you may need to buy a new pair of jeans anyway as you'll be surprised just how much your body will change and sometimes what fits you at 4 months wont at 8. I found this anyway.

    have fun shopping! I love buying maternity, its such a great time where u can breathe out and be ok with being bigger and more relaxed
  • I know someone mentioned this before but I went and bought a bump cover from ASOS for ??6 so I can wear it over the waist band of my open trousers and it also stops your shirts from looking a bit short. It just looks like you have a vest poking out underneath.
  • I was pg over the winter last time (dd was born in May) so I can use all my maternity clothes again!! I'm going up in the loft to get them all out today. I'm a solicitor and spend half my time in Court so I have to be super smart (ie wearing a suit). I have a number of maternity blouses, trousers from New Look and a dress, all of which I teamed with non maternity suit jackets last time (I couldn't do it up, but wasn't going to fork out on a maternity suit jacket). One of my suit skirts (elasticated waist) still fitted if I wore it under the bump with a long top. I just used my usual winter coat and could still do it up until it was warm enough not to wear it, but I'm almost 2 months ahead this time so don't know if that will work this time. It is true, you are a lot warmer so don't need so many layers!

    Once I went on maternity leave I slummed it in maternity tracksuit bottoms, which were the most comfortable things ever!!!!

    With jeans, I had an adjustable waistband pair from New Look, which was fine when not too big, but I think I would have preferred an over the bump pair for the later months.

    I got most of my clothes from New Look and Gap (who seemed to have loads of sales on their maternity stuff at just the right time).
  • g/c from DIS. I would recommend getting under bump jeans as I bought a pair of over bump and they have never really fitted so i haven't really worn them even when I was at my biggest.

    SB x
  • I too have never made it this far so wasn't sure. I have bought two pairs of under bump mat jeans from Next and Dorothy Perkins - so comfy! I have then bought dress jumpers from primark etc to wear with leggings or tights - I even wear these for school. You can look cool and be a teacher. I also got a lovely jumperd dress from H&M Mama which will last me a while I hope. Think I need some new work trousers now though as my normal ones are stating to dig in. I have seen some nice ones in Mother care and Next - again will get under bump elastic waist as these can hopefully stretch.

    Coats - I noticed lots of coats in empire line so will go over bumps.

    Can't weat to have a big bump! x
  • I bought myself a coat from Next in a few sizes bigger which flared a bit at the waist last time and that did me, although I wasn't very big over the winter as I was due in May and took a while to 'pop out', then when it was rainy I pinched oh's waterproof jacket.

    I had both under and over the bump jeans, I found over more comfortable when I was bigger. I also bought a pack of three bump bands from New Look fairly cheaply. Asda do some nice maternity wear too and their jeans are a fraction of the price of other places.

    You just buy your normal size in maternity clothes- if that's what you mean?

    hth! x
  • I find over bump trousers much more comfy as soon as I get big. The under bump cuts in when I sit down. Also now I have an uncomfortable scare just there from last time round. Nnngh! This time round I have one pair of each... see which works better. But mainly I will live in dresses and leggings. That's what I did last time and it was soooooo much more comfy that any trousers any day. I didn't buy maternety dresses either... just regular stretchy ones in a size or two bigger that normal. I still wore most of them afterwards too so no wastage!! image
  • I have just bought leggings (maternity) and tunics (some maternity, some normal) and I plans on living in these for the next 6 months. I have been looking a coats but can't justify it in this weather! They sell well on ebay tho if you think of selling it after

    I have been looking on ebay for Isabelle Oliver, Mamas & Papas and Crave dresses for Christmas! Although this is my third pregnancy my other two were born in Summer so never been showing at Christmas. I had a look in the Christmas Next catalogue that arived this week and it had a lovely pair of Palazzo trousers in that I think I will purchase for crimbo or should I say designated driver period!!

    Last time I was preganant I was a 14/16 when I found out so bought size 16 which was too big. It fitted right at the end but I was really big (9lb 3 baby). 1 week after he was born I was a size 14. I had lost weight during pregnancy! This time I have got some 14 and some 16 x x
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