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Asda nappies

Asda have their newborn nappies pack size 44 for ??1 at the moment. I bought 1 packet when I had my dd and they had the same offer. They turned out to be ok and I wish I'd taken advantage of the offer!!! I'm off to stock up later today image


  • In the first few months my son could go through 10/15 nappies a day! (breastfed). I will be stocking up on these at a ??1 a pack!!!!!
  • i saw but they sold out!! surprise i suppose :P

    i got a free pack of huggies newborn with my bounty pack so picked up some of those and felt so strange, baby no2 has nappies!!!! its really going to happen!
  • Oooh, good deal!

    Rosemary, do we get bounty packs second time round? I've never got one so figured we didn't! Or an emma's diary? Who do I moan at to get them??!

  • Yeah you do, the midwife gave me mine at my booking in appointment.
  • I got a Bounty Pack and Emma's Diary too at my booking in appointment. If you join Asda Baby Club you can also print off a voucher that gives you the newborn pack for free. I had trouble printing the voucher off though.
  • same, booking in appt.

    ask for one! u get free stuff lol any free stuff is gladly recieved.
  • Lol, totally agree!! Will be asking for my freebies asapimage

    Thanks ladies xx
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