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Well that's our Christmas plans up the shoot!

ARGH girls! Bloody family!????

We were going to the MIL's this year for Christmas for the first time. My OH has just rang me to say his brother is coming over from Cape Town with his wife & two kids (6 & 3) for Christmas. His wife & kids came over in July & all hell broke loose. I found out I was pg part way through their month-long visit. We told my SIL because she was staying at our house with the kids for a week & we didn't want to lie about why I wasn't drinking, plus I felt ROUGH! Whilst she was staying with us I had bleeds & emergency scans & was worried sick (over anxious anyway after a MMC), her 3yr old son was constantly punching, kicking, pushing over our then 15 month old & my SIL did very little about it. After she went home her husband rang my MIL (his mum!) & said that they thought my OH was unhappy & basically said I was the issue (this was based on the fact that I had snapped at him in front of my SIL whilst she was staying with us - ok, I shouldn't have but to say I was stressed would be a massive understatement). My MIL didn't know I was pg & thankfully thought this was odd so spoke to my OH about it. He told her it was utter nonsense & once we told her I was pg, the problems I'd had & explained the stresses of their visit then she was fuming with the cape town lot. Anyway, my OH spoke to his brother about this and he was 'mortified' about it, worried it was irreparable etc, he wanted to speak to me but I couldn't face it. They agreed he would email me but that was 6 weeks ago & I've had nothing. My OH has emailed him & tried to call him & got no responses. Then this morning my SIL rings my MIL up to say they've booked flights for Christmas. I don't understand it - my MIL & step-PIL are off to visit them in January. Feel like they've done it to spite us. We'll go up to my parents instead which is fine, I just feel very sorry for my MIL as she's do upset by the whole thing & stuck in the middle (despite us trying to avoid that.).

So ARGH! Bloody families. Sorry for the long rant, just need to let it out!



  • oh dear sounds like an absolute nightmare! family's eh?? i know it's hard but try not to stress out too much you don't want to get your blood pressure up, hope things sort themsleves out image
  • Oh no! Sounds like a nightmare xx
  • gah! families!!!
  • Families indeed! My family is so simple - mum & dad still together, 1 sister. OH's parents were both married three times, he was the only child of both's second marriage. So there are half & step brothers & sisters all over the place, the two halves of his family don't speak. It's so complicated & is the reason that we're engaged but not yet married & I doubt it'll change (unless he agrees to elope....!!) xx
  • Sounds like a right drama! Sorry its worked you up but like others have said, try to let it go over your head. You haven't done anything wrong & it just means you'll be able to rest & enjoy xmas with your folks.

    And if its any consolation, my family are a right nightmare too when it comes to xmas. My dads in london on his own, my sisters in wolverhampton on her own, my mum & her family are in australia. My mil, sil & niece are going to butlins for xmas this yr which leaves my hubby's nan here on her own. Who knows what we will do or where we will go. Madness! X x
  • Families are a nightmare! I could write war and bloody peace about my in laws but whilst pregnant I have decided to give them a wide birth and let them get on with it. It stresses me and hubby out too much. I will just enjoy Christmas with just us this year and I'm happy with that x x
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