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Double Biggies

Or double buggies even !!!

I have noticed a lot of you are also second time mums and was interested to hear what you are doing about buggies.

We have just ordered a P&T Explorer (early I know but it was such a good offer in Mothercare). I am so excited. I looked around for quite a while and had a good old play with it and decided it was just perfect for us. DS will be 2 and a half when baby is born and although he is a good walker - there are some times when I just need to put him in a buggy so the P&T is ideal. He doesn't go in a buggy all the time so I didn't want anything big so I think this is going to be fab. Am so excited - ha ha !!!


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    We've got an iCandy apple already, so if we do get a dbl then we'll get the pear upgrade. My son will be 23 months when no2 arrives & although he loves walking & can walk a decent distance he is incredibly slow & stops to look at everything, so I think we will need a dbl. My worry is that the seats in the pear look quite small & my son is tall - 91st centile - so I'm worried he'll be a bit squished. I'm going to take him into John Lewis at the end of January & see how he fits! To be honest though, we'll probably get it, I remember when my son was a newborn that I would have gone insane if I couldn't put him in the pram & escape from the house!

  • i dunno yet, im not a fan of one kid being underneath so will probs go for a one behind options, i like a few graco ones.

    probs wont buy till 30 odd weeks like last time.
  • I don't know what to do. My dd (17 months) already hates going in the pushchair and prefers to walk, but is so slow! So god knows what she'll be like at 23 months when this one arrives. I'm going to avoid doing shopping trips etc when I've got both of them as there's no way that dd would sit in the pushchair for that long and I won't be able to have her walking like I do now. I am considering a buggy board for our Luna and have a baby bjorn carrier which the baby can go in for walks to the park etc.

    I prefer the side by side ones, but we're going to look at both sorts. I am going to go for second hand for sure as we probably won't get a lot of use out of it.
  • Hmm I think trying to take them both into town is just asking for trouble. It's hard enough with just the one, he has no patience anymore.

    But I know there will be time we HAVE to have both in a pushchair and especially as the'll be times when I have to walk the dog with both babas (*brrr shudder* got nightmare untrained pulling pooch).

    We have the Out and About 360 as we live in the country and need something offroady... I'm considering simply getting the double version of the Out and About as it's been so good, and really quite cheap for an offroad threewheeler (some of them cost crazy money).
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