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Attack of the baby brain...

I was hoping you ladies could cheer me up and let me know I'm not the only one suffering from baby brain!

Today I managed to put petrol in my diesel car. But as it was after 5pm the fuel assist guys had knocked off so I then had to sit for 2 hours to wait for the AA to turn up and take me home. Now I have to wait for them to come in the morning to flush out the fuel system. And pay ??185 for the privilege. Bleugh.

Come on ladies, please tell me I'm not alone! :?


  • me!

    got train time wrong,50 mins wait image and i did it AGAIN on the way home, idiot. hubby didnt look happy.

    then i hullicinated last night... weird times.

    im so dumb at the moment, i am exhausted and cant think straight.
  • I just keep walking into door frames and dropping things, was the same with my first pregnancy, bloody nightmare! Im actually annooying myself!
  • coffe in the fridge

    milk in the cupboard
  • I just can't remember anything! I'll start talking to someone then half way through the sentence I forget what I'm saying ! Plus I keep forgetting the most simple things - I'm going out with work on Thursday night and I've already completely forgotton twice - plus silly things like I'm going to a christening on Sunday and had forgotton to get a gift until my friend reminded me yesterday - doh !
  • Oh MrsFerret, that's so depressing about your car image

    My pg brain was awful early on, though I do seem to have had a temporary reprieve of late. That said, I've been signed off work for the last 2 weeks so when I go back on Monday & my brain has to function I'm sure the combo of pg-brain & baby-brain will screw me over completely!! But early on I left the front door wide open when I took my son to nursery, tried to drive off with my car keys on the roof of my car (luckily mine isn't one of the fancy ones that doesn't need the key to start!) & put the oven on defrost instead of fan so dinner didn't cook (just slowly came to room temperature..).


  • oh and I got a new one from this morning. Put a tin of makerell in tomato sauce in my handbag as it is pretty much the same shape and size as my mobile.

    Hello Fish speaking!
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