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A few days off work : (

Hi all,

How is everyone feeling?

I just went back to school today after having 2 days off with a stinking cold! I felt so ill and have had a banging headache for 2 days now. I woke up at 4:30 this morning with a headache and couldn't get back to sleep!

Feeling anxious about baby all the time doesn't help. Hopefully seeing the midwife next week will reassure me that everything is ok.

Just fed up of still feeling yuk most of the time :cry:


  • Aww thats pants image There seem to be a lot of bugs going around at the mo.

    Hope you're feeling better today xx
  • Poor you, it's rubbish when you can't take proper drugs! I'm a big night nurse fan & had a cold about a month ago & hated not having it!!

    Don't rush back to work if you're still poorly - time off sick during pg doesn't go on your sickness record. And thank goodness because I've been signed off for three of the five weeks since we started back.........!

    Hope you're feeling better today & manage to get into see the MW next week.

  • oh hugs!

    ive had a horrendous headache for 2 days and paracetamol really is pants.

    have lots of rest and drink fluids.

    this cold, hot, cold weather isnt helping is it? xxxxxx
  • Oh

    Maybe that's why I didn't have to fill in a form when I returned to work yesterday like I normally do when I am off poorly.

    Feeling better now but still sick. Headache will be back I am sure. Called midwife but she said not to worry about blood pressure just yet and she will check it next week anyway.

    Thanks x
  • glad your feeling better, i had a constant headache for a week last week it really gets you down, im sure it was the change in weather like rosemary said, thankfully it has gone now!
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