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Flu Jab

Got a letter advising me to have the flu jab and am going in next week to have it done. I'm a bit worried because people say they feel rubbish afterwards but I tend to get flu every year around xmas time so thought it would be best to have it done.

Anyone else having it or had it previously? x


  • my GP have huge sign everywhere and i'll book mine at my MW appt on tues.

    i ALWAYS get bad bad bad flu and i just cant risk it this year as i'll have a very fiesty toddler.

    i think getting a mild form of it for a while will be better than full blown flu.
  • Just had mine in Monday for the first time. Arm was a little sore and I felt a bit rough in the evening but woke up fine the day after. The flu jab protects against swine flu again this year so didn't want to risk it x x
  • I always get the flu, every year but I've had the flu jab the last couple of years because of asthma and either I wont get the flu image or I'll get a mild case of it. But for sure get it, I hope you dont feel rubbish! Im getting mine in a couple of weeks image
  • Had my flu jab yesterday - don't feel any different! Maybe a little sniffly but that's it image
  • G/C but had Flu jab, gave me a tender arm and very mild snuffles for 24hrs & I caught a cold over the winter period instead of full blown flu. I also had swine flu whilst pregnant with DD1 which they treat with relenza rather than tamiflu whilst you are pregnant (tamiflu actually makes things ten times worse whilst relenza is actually fairly pleasant to take). If you do get swine flu it will knock you for six so if you can avoid it with a simple jab, I have to say it's worth it.
  • I haven't had it yet - but will check with my midwife next week as I guess I should be having it ...
  • I had mine yesterday, i feel like someone has given me a good punch in the arm and it's aching a bit today but otherwise i felt fine afterwards and today image
  • I'm having mine on Wednesday and have it every year because I have asthma. The one year I didn't have it I had flu, but have never had flu when I've had it. It always gives me a really tender arm and I can't raise it above shoulder height for a few days afterwards. But its worth it to not get the flu.
  • I'm taking Benjamin for his tomorrow image

    Will have to get mine booked, apparently need to ask my consultant first, seeing her after my 20 week scan next Thursday (wahooo!) x
  • I had mine yesterday when I went for my 16wk check. The injection itself was fine, so quick and nothing in comparison to my daily clexane 1 I have to do myself!

    Today I have had quite a bad headache & a sore arm but otherwise ok. X
  • Well I had mine yesterday and I'd barely walked through the door when she jabbed my arm, didnt even get chance to sit down! A few hours after I did get a bad case of the runs imageops: and I couldnt sleep on my arm because it hurt but I dont feel like its given me flu so so far so good!
  • got mine on monday will be 17 weeks, eeep.
  • I haven't even thought about this! Is it available to all pregnant ladies? Is it also available for babies, as I have a 13 month old?
  • me too, having mine next week. My midwife recommended it for me just because of being pregnant. Glad to hear people haven't been getting too poorly from it. Hopefully I'll be the same.
  • Hi Poots image

    My son got a letter through from the surgery requesting he got one but I'm not sure if that's his age or because he's asthmatic. I'm thinking the latter as his letter came on the same day as my OH's who is also asthmatic. I never got a letter but pg women are classed as "at risk" & entitled to the jab. All three of us had ours yesterday, other than a sore arm we're all fine!

  • Hmm, I am seeing a consultant next week so will ask them what the deal is, I should probably get it as reeeaaally dont want flu over the next few months. x
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