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Hi, I'm new!

Hello all. I have been dipping in and out of this site since I found out I was pregnant and with my last pregnancy but never actually joined - so I thought I would go for it as you all seem so lovely and supportive. I have a 13 month old boy and am due a second child on the 29th Feb (leap year eeek!), so thought it likely that it would be a March baby! This pregnancy wasn't exactly planned and has taken a little while to get our heads around but we are both over the moon now of course. I don't think I was physically or mentally ready for another child at the beginning but can't wait for Alex to have a little sis or bro now. There will be an 18 month age gap which I know will be hard to begin with - has anyone else/ or is anyone else going to have a small age gap between theirs? Anyway, to make things even more manic we are probably going to be moving to America in December with my OH's work for 3 years, so I am very excited but also a little concerned about what the future holds and having a baby in another country, meeting new people, leaving supportive friends and family behind, giving up my job and a whole host of other things!! If anyone can give me any advise regarding ANYTHING that could help in these next few life changing months - any life experiences - people they know who have moved abroad - really anything!!! Then it would be much appreciated!

I look forward to getting to know you all over the next few weeks and months xxx imageimage


  • my gap will be 17-18 months and i am bricking it lol but it'll work out, it has to doesnt it? lol

    moving sounds ace! i moved at 8 months pregnant, not a country mind u but still, it can be done and you'll do fabulously.
  • Yeah - 'bricking it' just about sums it up really!! But as you said it'll work out and people keep telling me that when they are a bit older it will be easier as they will (should!) play together and hopefully keep each other entertained.

    You hear a lot about people moving or redecorating just before a baby is born, so I shall just go with the flow.

    Thanks for the supportive words Rosemary x
  • Hello!

    My son will be 23 months when our baby is born. He turned 18 months yesterday & is actually improving with the whole being gentle & sharing thing. And although his speech isn't great he understands loads & will help me, ie put that in the washing bin, throw that down the stairs, put those in the washing machine..... His sleeping has also just come together to 12+hrs too.

    I've no advice regarding moving, although it does sound really exciting. I'm sure wherever you go they will have baby groups so you can meet new people & I honestly think the beat time to meet people is when you are pg/have a newborn, so many conversation starters!

    Looking forward to chatting image

  • PS that makes me sound like I spend my days ordering my beautiful boy around, I really don't & I even throw in the occasional please & thank you! X
  • lol ruth!

    it'll be so much easier when theyre older, my mum had all 5 of us within 6 (yes 6) years and she said it was great as we all grew up at the same time.

    i think once no1 is walking our lives will become mental but it'll be good.

    ive been very lucky with no1, she slept thru since 5 months and now sleeps 12-13 hrs at night and naps during day... im scared about her sleeping when no2 is born as obv no2 will wake her, this is my no1 concern.
  • Hello and Welcome!

    Sounds like you had a bit of a shock, saying that, we were trying and I was still shocked! Very exciting though!!

    I think that 18 months is a lovely age gap, it might be hard at first but the rewards of having 2 together to play with, especially in a new country, will be worth it.

    I have had friends that have emigrated over the past few years and they met people on expat forums and area forums so that they had an idea of facilities/groups when they arrive and even friends to meet. Worth a try, whereabouts are you moving to??

    x x x
  • Thanks Ruth, my son is 13 months now and just chucks stuff around! He always has a big grin on his face so he gets away with murder. It's nice to know that by 18 months they can start helping a bit or at least understand the concept of helping. Before i had kids I didn't have much contact with them so don't really know the different phases they go through. I am bossy already, so the poor thing doesn't have a chance with me! I have been talking to my mum this morning who moved to Kuwait with my dad before they had kids and she said it was far harder to intergrate without the common ground of children, so I know I am very lucky that I am (hopefully) going to meet people just because of the little one's.

    Rosemary - the sleep thing is what concerns me most to!!

    LoobyLou - We are moving to Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia, it looks like a nice community and I have already got my eye on a group to join. It's a good idea abou the Expat sites, I shall do a search.

  • oh wow thats a fab area, you'll have a brilliant time image
  • Have you been to that area before? I have been to New York (which I loooove!!) but that's as close as I have got. All I know about Philadelphia is that Rocky was filmed there! image
  • Poots2, I'm pretty sure Philadelphia was also filmed there (depressing Tom Hanks film...), so you can add that to your Philadelphia knowledge pot!image

  • Ha ha, yeah of course! I haven't seen that film as it always looked far too depressing!
  • Hi Poots,

    How are you doing?

    My 2nd is due at the start of March and my DD is 18 months old.

    We moved to australia when I was 6 months pregnant with DD (my husband is australian) so I can give you a bit of advice.

    Do you have your healthcare sorted? We arrived here when I was 29 weeks and the system baffled me a bit. We were lucky and found a fantastic doctor and hospital but the health care is a lot different to the NHS and I think the US is even more so.

    Expats forums are great to help you settle in...I was silly and didn't check them out so we are miles from any other Brits (or so it seems...) but there are times when you will want to talk about TV, food, music...anything to do with home and it really helps to have some fellow Brits around. Not saying you need to segregate yourselves but it is nice to have someone who you can have 'home' conversations with.

    My mothers group are my rock....we met when DD was 5 weeks old and still see each other weekly. It's fantastic having people who are at the exact same stage of motherhood as you. It was arranged by the local council so check yours out to see if they do the same. As you have an older child, playgroups etc will be fantastic too.

    I didn't end up going back to work in between children but wish I had, even if just for one day a week. It would have been nice to have some 'me' time and some friends outside of my daughter's circle.

    You'll have an amazing time, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. If I think of anything else I'll add it, otherwise feel free to PM me!

    Good luck! xxx
  • Hey Monkeymamma,

    We are still going through the whole process of ticking everything off with my oh's company. They know I am pregnant and that they will have to cover our health insurance which is part of package, I don't know many more details than that, but we have got some meetings coming up to sort things out so I will hopefully learn more then. It's all very daunting but trying not to worry about it!

    It's great to hear how much of a success moving has been for you, whereabouts in Oz are you? I am definitely going to join some groups as will need all the support I can get.

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