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waters breaking confusion

Hi ladies its been a while since I have been on here but I really need some advice.

I am 37 + 5 and I was airtight some washing out and I felt a trickle between my legs and when I looked I noticed my trousers were a bit wet too so I went to the toilet and saw lots of watery discharge as well as a bit of white. It has no smell at all to it.

I been having braxton hicks on and off for the last 2 days too. Any suggestions what this could be? Xxx


  • I'd ring the delivery suite just to check hon. They'll probably tell you to put a pad on and see what happens over the next hour or so. If it was wee leaking it would smell, but waters don't. If your contractions don't start and it is waters then you need to contact the delivery suite as it can leave you open to infection.

    FC this is the start of it for you!! xx
  • u can leak fluid before waters going, i did a week before. its called something but i forget.

    id def ring ur mw or go be checked out as if they are trickling then they do put a timer on how long u can leave it due to infection etc.

    my waters went in an almighty gush so was unmistakable but the week before i did have leakage.
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