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baby will be here tomorrow!

hi all

I guess not many are on here now anyway as all communications seem to have moved to facebook (shame as some of us aren't facebook users! I missed seeing load of new posts now we've all been at the end stage)

Still I've always had half an eye on here, just not posted a lot lately.

Some of you know that I was really sad a while back as I wasn't going to get my VBAC. Anyways, time flies and now my c-section is booked for tomorrow some time between 7 and 12 (you get a number, a little like at the deli counter, and just wait for your turn :lol: )

Very excited to see what my yellow bump turns out to be.

I'm guessing i'll be out of action/contact for a little while so in the meantime I just wanted to wish everyone super loads of good luck and huge hugs on all mums to be. We are are lucky bunch indeed...

now all we need is some sunshine and a bit of spring weather to make that sleep deprivation not seem too bad..

All the best!


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