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my beautiful baby boy is here.......

hi ladies just wanted to announce the birth of George James Felton, born on 5th March 2012 at 00:39. Weighing in at 6lb 9oz.

baby george 2 days old! first oufit to come home from hospital in!

here is my birth story too:

Got up on Sunday morning (38 + 2) and noticed my bump was looking much lower than it had previously, didnt think nothing off it telling hubby i would ask midwive about it on tuesday as that was my next appt. off we went to have breakfast as we decided we needed to do some last bits before baby comes and it was no longer just the 2 of us,off we went to buy some bits from the supermarket and went home, we then decided to go for a walk along the canal with our dogs and my parents , off we go and then of course knowing the weather in our beautiful country it decided to rain so we didnt even get to walk that far before we headed back home , this was around about 3pm and i was sitting on couch having a cuppa with my parents when i felt the most awful "bh" ive ever had, shifted myself onto a dining room chair, and thought nothing of it. my parents left about 430 and i went up to get in a nice clary sage bath as i was getting a bit of back ache. lying in the bath i noticed that i was getting a perid type pain happening about every 10minutes but couldnt decide what they where called hubby up and told him , he got my contraction timer out and started timing them .

an hour later around 7pm they were about every 7 - 10 minutes apart and getting more uncomfortable tmi but i kept feeling an urge to poop and kept trying to sit on the toilet, i kept moving aorund the house even mangaed to blow dry my hair between contractions and called the hospital and when i spoke to the midwive she just told me to keep timing them and when they where about 5 minutes apart i was to call them back. At about 730 i had a really strong contraction that lasted for about 2 minutes and after the pain had eased off i ran to the loo and noticed i was bleeding slightly, called hospital and they told me to go straight in, called my mum as she was coming in with us and told her i would meet her there.

Arrived at hospital at about 8 and was hooked straight up to a monitor for 20 minutes, i started to feel stronger contractions while i was lying down on the bed, however when midwive looked at the paperwork she said that they were a bit to irregular so it was likely that i was just in really early labour and likely to be 1 - 2 cm and could be going home as it was likely i was quite far from labour. cue the doctor coming in and doing my internal where they then both rather surprisingly said i was 4 -5 cm and was going nowhere!

i decided i def wanted a pool birth so off i went to the pool room about 9pm and decided i wasnt quite ready to get in the pool so popped on my tens machine and waddled around for the next few hours, contracting away quite relaxed and watching my mum and hubby mess around with hospital chairs and birth ball. At about 11.30pm my contractions where about every 2 minutes and were getting more and more painful , the midwive came in and gave me the gas and air , and i decided i wanted to get in the pool, 10 minutes later i had the most horrible urge to push and actually screamed out that i needed to push , the midwive came in and i had to get on the bed so she could check how dilated i was, she was literally about to check, when "pop" my waters had broken , she said she literally had touched them and because they were so tight they just popped. this was at 11.55pm. i got straight into the pool and at 00:39 little george was born. image

Unfortunately after my quick and actually quite relaxed labour i had a 3rd degree tear so was taken down to theatre , given a spinal and stitched up image

Hope I haven't bored you all with this and for those of you who made it to the end my recommendations for pain relief are definitely to use a tens machine, gas and air pool birth (if you are able to). I managed to go from 5 - 10 cm just using the tens and to be honest i only really felt really painful contractions when i took it off to get in the pool. xx


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