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My birth story in full x


Thursday the 5th April

We decided to try doing the deed one last time to help get baby moving, at 1pm things started happening. I felt braxton hicks coming every 15 minutes and got annoyed as i was sure it was false labour again. Then at 5pm i realised they were hurting a bit and coming every 8 minutes. It got to 8pm and i was timing them at every 7 minutes and becoming painful. I then tried to relax and use breathing. At 10pm i realised i had to call the hospital but they didnt really seem too interested. At 11pm i realised they were intensifying and every 4-5 minutes, so i called the ashurst birthing centre and they said to come straight there! So i called my mum and my friends to babysit. My mum took 45 minutes and we left at 12:45am. Got to the centre at 1am. My mum wasnt too convinced as she said they werent lasting long enough.

Friday 6th April

when we arrived the mw's were waiting at the door, i was the only labouring mum they had and it was a very quiet night for them, bless em. They thought it was odd i was smiling and carrying my own bags... little do they know how mad i am during labour lol. We got taken to the room and it was amazing, there was a huge bed and pool, en suite bathroom, little crib area and it was lovely and dark. Outside was a courtyard where you could see the new forest ponies. Was so tranquil.

When the mw checked me over she said my contractions were very powerful and she would do an internal, mw said i was 4-5cm. Turns out at my mw appt on tues my unsuccessful sweep (so i thought) i was actually 1-2cm and all good to go! So i got comfy in my pool room, she ran my pool and called the back up mw who would take half an hour.

dan made a cup of tea, i was breathing and swaying in my own little world as i do in labour. I needed the toilet but weeing was so awful as everytime i tried to sit down i had the most intense contractions. Just before i got in the water i really realised it was starting to become very very painful, more painful than with imogen.

then my 2nd mw arrived, turns out i knew her! she was friends with my best friend!! was very funny! we had a good laugh and to be honest it was quite nice having a good distraction while they intensified. At this point it was 2am and all was ok. I was still only using my own breath and feeling in control.

I was better in the pool this time, it felt better. I was still needing to stand up every now and then but it was easier to deal with the pain than being on 'dry land' i guess. My mw kept saying she thought baby would be here by 3am but i just thought she was talking rubbish, as if baby could be here that quick.

Then it went painful. I realised i was experiencing different contractions. My mw explained they were 'coupling' contractions. I had no build up whatsoever, unlike imogen where i felt it coming and could prepare myself, this time it was just bang, contraction lasted 40-50 seconds... then i had a break of about 10 seconds before the rest of the contraction came, but the 2nd half was twice as painful and i cried a lot of the time. They had a break of about 1-2 mins between them. Sometimes i didnt even experience a break

my mw was a bit concerned so she gave me the gas and air, OMG. Amaze.

i felt high as a kite!! now dan says i started talking rubbish and it was very funny apparently... all i remember is yelling at someone to 'do it for me ive changed my mind'. Apparently i said to my mw 'we should watch cbeebies with gas and air, it would be awesome' lol but i dont remember this.

At 3am i decided to abandon the gas as i realised it wasnt really helping, i needed to start being verbal and got so uncomfortable i kept thrashing about in the pool. With Imogen this is when i got out but i remained determined to stay in. My mw's were checking me at this point with a mirror but i didnt know this till the end, they were so discreet it was wonderful. Felt like a whole different world compared to imogens birth lying flat on the bed.

At 3:15am i felt like i needed to push but wasnt sure, it was a weird sensation. I was confused for a few contractions and started shouting at my mws that i didnt know what to do. They literally left me to it as they were so confident i was able to do it on my own. The next contractions was horrendous, i remember starting to scream and grabbed dan so hard i thought i would pull him into the pool, this was getting scary now, i was actually screaming in agony, felt like i was ripped apart. My mws werent concerned as obviously they realised her head was coming, i just wasnt aware. Then i was!! The burning sensation, it was so strong compared to imogens crowning, i just started yelling omg the head omg the head! i was so surprised it was actually happening, and so fast, i was in shock i think. Then i pushed her head out and a few seconds passed and her body was born, i grabbed her and pulled her to the surface and just began sobbing and kissing her head. She was born at 3:32am. She came out so pink and fat, she looked so perfect and i was in awe of her. She looked straight at me and it was like we knew each other already, i wouldnt let go of her and it was amazing how the mw's never even held her for over 15 minutes. I had delayed cord clamping which was lovely.

The mw cut the cord and we got out the pool 15 mins after her birth. We then had snuggles and she went straight for a boob. Placenta injection went in, it was funny the mw said 'this may sting' and i just wet myself with laughter, as if that would even phase me at this point? Audrey had her injection too. My placenta wasnt playing ball and it took a while for it to come out. Timings were 1st stage of labour 1.40 mins, 2nd stage 12 minutes and 3rd stage 18 minutes. Placenta was much smaller than imogens. They did say she was very late (well she was 40+10) and that the placenta was shutting down so was good she came.

Half hr later they weighed her and she was a whopping 8lbs 4oz. Considering Imogen was only 6lbs 6oz it was quite impressive, dan blames all the chips lol

overall the birth was amazing, so laid back and everything i had hoped for. I made it to the birthing unit and that was my dream. Even though the contractions felt like i was going to die at the end it was the most amazing feeling to bring my baby out on my own.

We got moved to a private room where we saw the sun come up holding our beautiful baby girl and eating the best tea and toast ever.

When my mum brought imogen in at 10am i actually thought my heart would explode it was just amazing,


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