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Sweet or savoury...? Boy or girl...?

I've always enjoyed chocolate and cake but since finding out I'm pregnant, I'm loving savoury foods - salty crackers / rice cakes / crisps etc... But not bread, gone off that a bit. And most definitely seem to have gone off chocolate?!!! Not happy about that one. The old wives tale savoury for a boy, sweet for a girl - thinking this baby could be a boy. Also, my previous pregnancies, I had no symptoms but this time I seem to have been given a dose of everything! So although I'm 100% team yellow I do like to have a guess...xx


  • I love guessing based on old wives tales image

    I def had a bit of a svaoury tooth with ds, but it didnt stop me eating chocolate image  This time I still crave savoury but I think its because I dont eat much carbs (try to avoid large sources of gluten) and need them more now.

    With ds I was just exhuasted in the first trimester, this time I've yet to feel that exhuastion and need for 10+ hours sleep.  I did have pangs of nausea early on this time which I didnt have with ds, and my good my boob and nipples are sore and sensitive this time

    Staying team yellow, so I'm with you on the guessing front!

  • I used to 'crave' chocolate all the time before I was pregnant, now I'm not bothered about having it. (It's very unlike me to not want choc, i might actually lose weight if I can stay off it lol) I've also heard that and it did make me wonder if I was having a boy lol x
  • Wildthing I'm the same, have totally gone off chocolate & have had a dose of every symptom going.

    I was craving salty things a couple of weeks ago but I'm now on to juicy /sweety things like fruit pastilles, jelly babies & grapes & strawberries. Apparently the salt thing is your body telling you that your kidneys need more salt, I read something about it on line as hubby was worried that my salt cravings were a bad thing.

    Will be fun guessing what it's going to be. I'm really excited about being team yellow now. xx

  • Last time I was a cake and biscuit monster and I had a boy.

    This time I've not had anything really yet.

    Team yellow too image

  • Thanks LouLou, that's interesting to know, I'll bring that up with the consultant on Monday. I've enjoyed reading all of your replies, will be interesting to see what happens and if we are correct with our guesses! We have approx 7 months to gather more old wives tales - I'm sure we will be told a lot over the next few months! xx
  • Wildthing have a look at this. I can't find the one I was looking at but this explains a little.

    We do seem to have everything the same so far so will definitely be interesting to see if we both have the same sex.xx


  • I too have wanted salty stuff, so supernoodles, pot noodles, pasta n sauce, stuff we have never ever bought before! That thankfully seems to have passed, still don't fancy a cake or anything sweet, apart from Sprite, which I can't seem to get enough of, I am rationing myself to half a can a day, as literally a sip is enough to make me feel better!

    Def not craving more one way or the other as yet for savoury or sweet, I just want bland food, which is really not like me! 

  • I've been drinking sprite too & caffeine free diet coke. Just sipping them make me feel a little better. Totally gone off coffee & in the last week or so I can't face tea either.

    Also same with the bland food, I'm eating a lot of toast, potatoes, chicken & trying to add some veg in. Just thinking about certain foods make me gag & any strong smells too.

    Going out for a meal tonight for a friends birthday & same again on Thursday for another friend. I'm dreading them both because just reading the menus can make me heave. image

    Also I'm that tired all I want to do after work is curl up on the sofa in my pj's. image



  • I've gone off chocolate too. Really fancied a bar the other nite so hubby got me a galaxy, I ate one piece and it just tasted awful. He was pleased cos he got to eat his chocolate then mine. Hope it's true I'd love a boy. It would be the first boy in our family
  • I've found this gender predictor on the BE website, according to this, I am going to have a girl lol.

  • With my 2 girls i was sweet things all the way and with my boy it was salt and savoury so from my experience i would say the old wives tales were right for me but so was the chinese gender thing all 3 times but thats mby just coincidence. Lol x
  • I craved ice lollies with ny first and it was a boy- 2nd craved pizza and went off a .lt if things -girl 3 - didn't crave anything but lots of food aversions particularly veg and potatoes and meat -girl . This time I'm the same ss number 3 can't stand th smell of veg or potatoes cooking so thinking possibly another girl x
  • I've not really changed my appetite yet. Last time I completely went off chocolate in my first trimester, and we had a boy.

    Didn't really go for the old wives tales last time, as i was so convinced I was having a boy from the start, I still don't know why, but I was right. This time i don't really have any strong feelings either way yet, apart from the twin thing early on, but think i've changed my mind about that now.


  • My last pg was a girl & i craved absolutely anything sweet & chocolatey from the very beginning till the end this time i have completely gone off sweet things & chocolate, couldnt eat my melon the other night, i had an eclair yesterday & it tasted awful. I struggle with caffine free coke too as it tastes really sweet. Im thinking a boy this time xx
  • I craved nothing but sweet stuff all thru my last pregnancy

    and had a boy, whereas 2 off my friends have been craving

    cheese and pickles and corned beef and have both had girls!

    Def just an old wives tale! I also heard that morning sickness

    is worse if you're carrying a girl, yet I had it really bad until

    about 20 weeks and my friend who has had 3 girls has not

    suffered with it once!! The only truth is that we are all

    different!x x
  • I am about 16 weeks pregnant 

    in start days I didn't notice about my food liking or disliking but from a mnth now l eat spicy things but I can't digest them (vomiting) but I can only stand with sweet things now 

    its my frst pragnancy 

  • I have 2 boys first one craved cheese and onion pasties and could only drink juice and still drinks no fizzy second boy currys and then sweet things and could only drink fizzy drinks and went off tea and now my youngest won't go near fizzy lol so I think you never can tell gl in your pregnancy x

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