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  • Hiah all I'm Rachel and I had my second son on 6th May weighing 9lb 1oz!

    Joseff is huge now,year went so quick,had bit of a struggle at first as Tom was only 17mth whan Joseff arrived,and I doubt I had mentally prepared for what lay ahead!!!!

    However once I got my head around the fact the washer would be on every day and the ironing pile woul reach 5ft2 all settled down! Trying for number 3 now!!!!! image

  • congrats on Joseff. We also have a Josef image

    Good luck with number 3. Just make sure you get a big washing machine lol
  • Lol I have been researching that one!!!!

    Trouble is i doubt there's one on the market in my price range that does what i need-i.e load it for me lol!!!!!!!! image Cool,do you call your son joe? I thought i would but find myself correcting people if they do it!

    Got into nasty habit of calling him rusty! he has a lovely ginger sheen!!!!

    Bless him,best stop that sounds like im talking to a dog!

  • lol. We have been trying to hold off calling him anything but Josef, but my older 2 boys call him Joseppy and it has kind of stuck. poor boy!.
    i think he will end up joe or joey at some point though.

    Rusty lol,all the older people round here call him copper top.

    what age is your other wee boy?
  • Tomos is 2 and 5mth!!! He calls Joseff rusty bear!!!

    Everyone in our house is a bear according to Tom,hence my silly pc nickname!

    Handy at playgroup when 20 kids are shouting for mum! Then among it you here mummabear! image

    Do you have 3 boys? was just trying to read your fab tickers,but at this hour my eyes aren't performing!!!

    If you do your'e very lucky x

  • OMG that is so cute with the bear thing!

    Yeah i have 3 boys Craig is 6, Jason 3 and a half and Josef was 1 at the end of April. Its a crazy testosterone filled house here with non-stop football.

    where about are you? we are in edinburgh,scotland.
  • How lovely we went on a wonderful holiday to your neck of the woods 2 yr ago!

    I'm in Chester hun,north west. Yeah I like bear thing too! I've just tried to add pics to gallery and they've come up in signature any ideas how to remove them Lynz?

    How nice having 3 boys,any plans for a fourth?

  • excellent where did you go on hol?

    can you move them by going in to your profile, then into your signature and removing the ones you dont want from there.?

    im not sure what the gallery thing is all about TBH i had a look earlier but it didnt seem any of they bits were working yet. the review one definately wasnt.

    not really much help there . sorry
  • No worries hun thanks anyway!

    I've only learned how to switch pc on un-supervised in last 4 month dunno who i'm trying to kid!!!!!

    We stayed at a travel lodge,and ashamed to say did all the very touristy stuff!!!! Our pre-kids idea of holiday is a city in a costa people watching!!! How sad are we? good job we had kids eh?!!!!

    I'm planning to come again in a couple of years when my mum is 60,she has never been to Scotland and really was jealous when I told her all about your beautiful city. Did have the biggest best veggie burger i've ever had in my life in a trendy burger joint there!!!!!

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