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i cant believe this forum is still here! i remember when i was my baby is DUE in may 09!! eek! 19 months on! i havnt been on here for literally a year if not a bit more but just reccomended it to my friend who is TTC! and here i am! most likely hooked again!

How are all the may babies doing? Declan is grand! running about. accident prone always injured lol! typical boy i think.

Hope u all had a fab xmas and new year! xxx


  • Hiya,

    It's very quiet round these parts these days - the only reason I ever check it is because I got addicted again with being due a week ago (not loving being in the overdue club!).

    Wilf is doing grand. Also very clumsy just like his mum!

    Happy New Year to you too!

    Clare x
  • hello,

    it's hard to believe that Ella is almost 20 months old already - where does the time go! She is so much fun. She runs everywhere and getting to be such a wee chatterbox. She is still being very nice to us and sleeping 14hrs a night. She is a very good eater which probably explains why she is tall for her age.

    I've just found out I'm pregnant again and very much looking forward to having a little brother or sister for Ella. Hope you are all well. Wish this forum was a bit busier!


  • Hi Girls - it is extremely quiet in these parts these days.

    My DS2 is also doing really well. He's a real comedian and will do things which he knows will make you laugh all the time - he's fab!

    I'm also pg - due for an elective c-sec on the 15th Feb, but every day feeling like i'm about to go into labour (which is how I felt last time, and it didn't happen).

    It's lovely to hear how other BIM09 babies are getting on

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