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Any May babies walking?

Hi all

It seems like there are tonnes of April babies walking, but not heard the news that any May babies are walking!

How are yours doing?

Toby is doing well - he was 1 on 5th May and we had a lovely few days around his birthday. He now has 4 teeth but seems to be constantly teething! He currently has chicken pox! Glad its over and done with!!!

He's a fast crawler and cruises everywhere. I was even laying on the lounge floor and he pulled himself up using my head :lol: and cruised around my body! LOL

Literally in the last few weeks he has been gaining confidence at standing on his own. and just in the last few days he has been getting much better at this. he walks well using his push a long walker. he also drops one of your hands now, when you walk with him, so we're only walking with him using one hand. he stills seems lacking in confidence though! he has taken a few unaided steps, but literally 1-2 steps all over 48hrs and then hasn't done any since. he's done that before with new things he's learnt though.

he's not saying much - apart from the odd squeal!!! he says mama, dada, yeah and no. and we can tell he is trying to say words but they come out as something else!

I have been made redundant from my job so we are taking the opportunity to move house, from Hampshire into West Berkshire. I am sad to pull Tobes out of his current nursery as he loves it there, but I know we will find him another good one!



  • Hi Joo

    Toby sounds like he's doing really well and sorry to hear about your job, I'm losing mine in July image oh well!!

    JD is walking, he has been for a few weeks. He turned 1 on 10th and still only has TWO TEETH, no signs of any others making an appearance soon either!

    He can kick a ball, feed himself off a pre-loaded spoon (only the past two days though!) he loves an afternoon nap on the sofa and is obsessed with his trike. He can say 'whatsat?' and 'ooohh' when he sees something exciting, he has said 'ta-ta' once (MIL heard him, I was very proud!) He is a very confident and outgoing tot, who also loves his own company and can play for hours alone. He likes other kids, and if they hit him, he just moves away and tends to avoid the bullies at group!

    Loads of his 'friends' at playgroup have had chicken pox, but he's not caught them yet!

    Still haven't had his MMR, we're waiting on an appointment. Have any other May babies had theirs yet?

    He is the most wonderful person I have ever met and everyday is a pleasure *gush*

    Hope all the other May babies are doing well, xx
  • Hey

    Amber was one on the 26th and has 2 1/2 teeth. She was crawling at 8 months and I really thought she would be walking by now. She walks using her dog walker thing and has taken 5 wobbly steps alone. She is a size 4 shoe and is really tall, which is suprising because I am really short! She can say quite a few words, she says Mama, Dada, daddy (da dee) all in context. She points at things she wants and says ta or there. She says Eece for her brother (reece) She hates getting dressed and having her nappy changed and screams the house down and fights when its being done. Sheabsolutely loves people and when we go to the supermarket she says hiya and waves to everyone and when we eat out she is practically out the high chair trying to reach other people and she does a really high pitched funny laugh at them. She's a real people pleaser! She absolutely loves lying on a cushion or our legs on the floor. I cannot believe how quick this year has gone, they really dont stay babies for long. xx
  • Hi everyone!

    Sounds like you're babies are doing great!

    Oliver was one on the 23rd. He has 8 teeth (and his back ones are all swollen so i guess they're trying to come through as well).

    He's been walking for the past 2 weeks, and is pretty confident on his feet compared to his 14 month old cousin (who i've nicknamed mr.bump!). He says mamma/mom, dadda/dad, nanna/nan and gandad. He also makes a funny noise when he's trying to call our cats and looks up when you ask him where the light is.

    He loves people, and is always shouting and pointing at people and babbling away to them. Although he prefers to have me or his dad around. We've been lucky in that my mother in law looks after him and my nephews during the day, so he socialises with other children, and plays really nicely with them, even when they're getting more boisterous.

    Also...our newest development has been sleeping through the night in his own cot! We finally have our bed back, which is great. We're hoping to start ttc again towards the end of the year, and i wanted to have him sleeping in his own bedroom cracked so i didn't have 2 babies to be waking me up through the night.

    He really is an amazing little boy, and i can't believe that we made him and how much he has developed over a year!

    I'm not sure about MMR, i know he had an injection last week, but hubby took him so i'm not sure what it was for. He also has another one in about a month.
  • logan was one on the 12th and he took his first (tentative) steps at 9 1/2 months. hes got 12 teeth and wears size 5 shoes! hes been so busy concentrating on being early with some things (like the walking) that he hasnt managed to learn some of the things that other kids his age do yet. he clapped for the first time yesterday - i was so relieved that he finally got there lol

    as for jabs - where we live they are all done at 13 months in one appointment. logan had his on tuesday. it was one injection in each arm and one in one leg. he had men c, mmr, hib booster and pneu 3. (not 100% sure what they all stand for though). you'll get a letter automatically like the others were.

    and finally - congratulations to vintage rose!!!
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