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sainsburys toy sale!

just to let you know that sainsburys are having a 50% sale on all there toys!! it started today, not sure when its finishing but a lot of people ive spoken to didnt realise there was a sale on so i thought id bring it up.

i went to two different stores today and got ??90 worth of toys for ??43! they have top names as well as their own brand. i managed to get a vtech sit to stand dance tower for ??20 and the fisher price cookie jar for ??7.99 amongst other things. my sister also saw that fisher price bounce n spin zebra in one of the big stores (im gonna try n get one for emilys birthday, only 6 months to go!!).

thats another bargin xmas shopping trip done
happy shopping :\)


  • ooooooooooo i want to get morgan that bounce and spin zebra..... looks so much fun...for Morgan ofcourse lol.
    ahh def gonna take a trip to sainsburys !! thanks mrssmith86 x
  • oh god i just made the mistake of looking online!! theres loads on there but its all out of stock, i suppose thats a good thing really as ive already bought a lot of it. gonna try another store first thing in the morning.
  • lol me too... i wondered why there so many toys out of stock online. but am gonna go tomorrow to see wot they have !! happy shopping lo!
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