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Hello, nice to meet you all :)

Hi girls, I've only just found this forum! It looks great as my lo was also born in may and I'm also a first time mum so will be nice to make some new friends and share advice and tips. image
My little girl Mathilda was born on the 19th by em c section due to her head getting stuck sideways in my pelvis image (was having a serene home birth until it all went tits up!), weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 12.5oz!
I'm bf her, which is actually going quite well though she is gaining weight a little slow but I'm not worried about it. Not following a routine yet as have no idea where to start - so going to see how things are when she's a month old then maybe re-evaluate things. Have any of the other bf mums got a routine yet?
Anyway nice to meet you all and I hope things are going well for everyone.


  • Hi and congrats x

    and I thought mine was big at 9lb 1 oz!!!

  • Hello (again)!

    Congrats and thats a good weight for a girl. Was she overdue? She looks very cute in your picture!xx
  • Heya image
    Yes she was 10 days over due, which probably explains a lot! It was quite funny in the operating theatre cos the staff were taking bets on how much she weighed as it was obvious she was a big lass! Hehe image
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