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hello do you remember me...

hi lovely may ladies just thought id take the chance to pop on and wish you all a lovely first christmas with your lovely babies.Jessica was born on 18th may but im afraid to say ive been with the june ladies mostly as you ladies were very quiet at the time.
i had a quick look on the pics and wow what gorgeous babies you all have.not good at pics yet but wish you all well for xmas 4 more sleeps xx


  • hi i do, but im same as u and mainly use june forum. Laila was born 29th so almost a junie anyways, Hope u have a good xmas also xxxxx
  • i remember you too hunn but i mainly lurk now since baby got a bit bitchy i will say though it seems nice in baby again now image might have to come back have a lovely crimbo both of you
  • hey bumpalicious !!! A a a a a a a a Morgan was born the 18th too. I cant believe how quick shes growing up. I hang in june image too . Morgan keeping me so busy crawling everywhere i dont need to go to the gym ha ha. Hope your ok x x
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